5 Free EXS24 Instruments Worth Checking Out

5 free exs24 instruments by bolder sounds

Happy 2016 everyone! Here’s an overview of 5 free EXS24 instruments that are definitely worth checking out, made by long-time indie sample library developer Dennis Burns at Bolder Sounds from Colorado, USA. Both his paid and free sample libraries can be heard the world over, from small home project studios to the Hollywood silver screen.

About Bolder Sounds

bolder sounds dennis burns

According to the developer’s website, Bolder Sounds roots date back to 1992 when founder Dennis Burns began making sample libraries for the Akai S1000 sampler. The original sample libraries were sold in floppy format and later became available for “DAT RAM” – a proprietary DAT tape format for hard drives connected to Akai samplers. Today, Bolder Sounds has a very loyal customer base and an unusual sample library catalogue in a variety of formats. Bolder Sounds employs the talents of the musicians, web designers, recording engineers, producers and sound designers in the Denver metro area as well as in Europe and Asia.

Free EXS24 Instruments by Bolder Sounds

Note that in order to download the free EXS24 sample libraries, you’ll first need to create an account at the Bolder Sounds website. Also note that the website contains more freebies and paid sample libraries in a variety of formats, so do browse around.

Music Box

free exs24 instrument music box

I purchased 2 of them in a local book store for $8 a piece. It is intended to be screwed into any surface (like a wall or wood door etc..) to act as resonator. I tried in on glass, wood, a hand drum as well as my washing machine using double stick tape. All yielding different and interesting tonal colors. I chose to sample it mounted on a wood table with glass on the top. This gave it quite a pure crystalline quality.


Music Box basic.exs
Music Box MW=HiPass.exs
Music Box MW=LoPass.exs
Music Box No Squeak.exs
Music Box Octaves.exs
Music Box Vel Xfade Octaves.exs
Music Box Vel=Atak.exs
Music Box Velocity=LoPass.exs

Download here.

Also available for NI Kontakt and Gigastudio 3.

Toy Piano

free exs24 instrument toy piano

Here is a lovely 2 octave toy piano which is chromatically sampled in stereo at 24 bits with plenty of tonal character to spare. Key release sounds have also been sampled for each key and can be controlled via your modulation wheel (cc#1) . Various filter settings are also routed to your mod wheel for EQ flexibility.



After downloading this free exs24 instrument you will find two folders, one labeled Toy Piano not tuned and Toy Piano tuned. The not tuned folder is the toy piano in its original tuning. In the tuned folder are the majority of the other instruments with detailed programming:

TOY PIANO Oct MW=Key Rel.exs
TOY PIANO Oct short.exs
TOY PIANO tuned Less Atk.exs
TOY PIANO tuned MW=BandPas.exs
TOY PIANO tuned MW=Decay.exs
TOY PIANO tuned MW=HiPas.exs
TOY PIANO tuned MW=Key Rel.exs

Download here.

Includes patches for Kontakt 2.

Thumb Piano

free exs24 instrument thumb piano

This thumb piano (also called Kalimba, Sansa or Mbira) comes from a family of instruments originally from Africa. The range of this particular instrument is 2 octaves plus a major 3rd. It was sampled with both plucks from the flesh of the thumb as well as the finger nail of the thumb for a brighter sound. Also each sample zone has 3 round robin samples assigned to it. So if you play the same key 3 times in a row, each time you will hear a different sample.


Thumb Piano FLESH.exs
Thumb Piano VelSw.exs

Download here. Note that you’ll need something like The Unarchiver for Mac to extract the RAR archive.

Includes patches for Kontakt 3+.


free exs24 instrument harmonica

This is a harmonica in the key of A. It is a 10 hole harmonica which gives you a different pitch on each hole depending on whether you are blowing in or out (drawing or blowing). The samples are 24 bit mono with no loops for a natural sound and total 31 megabytes. I originally recorded these samples in stereo but have decided to sum them to mono for the final version.


Harmonic no vib.exs
Harmonica Vel Switch.exs
Harmonica vibrato.exs

Download here.

Includes patches for Kontakt 2 and 3.

Toy and African Marimbas

free exs24 instrument toy and african marimbas

I decided to augment the Toy Marimba offering with a set of samples I’ve had sitting around for years – a bass and tenor African marimba set complete with buzzing resonators. I’ve chosen to map both the bass and tenor marimba to the same keymap for convenience. The African marimbas have anywhere from 5 to 10 velocity switch samples per key.



bass-tenor marimba.exs
Toy Marimba.exs

Download here. RAR archive.

Includes patches for Kontakt 2+.

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