Free Tutorial – Phase Shifting With The Waves Reel ADT & H-EQ

Phase Shifting With The Waves Reel ADT & H-EQ

Groove3 audio software tutor Eli Krantzberg has produced a free video tutorial about using the Waves Reel Artificial Double Tracking plugin together with the H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer plugin.

In the video, Eli explores some unconventional uses for the Waves ADT and Waves H-EQ plugins as they are set up on a bus being fed by a lead guitar. Phase reversing the source signal and split band EQ-ing are used to create an interesting phase shift effect.


Waves/Abbey Road Reel ADT is the first plugin to successfully emulate Abbey Road Studios’ pioneering process of Artificial Double Tracking. The effect that would become an integral part of Abbey Road’s signature sound was initially created at the famed studios in the 1960s to meet the needs of some very special clients: The Beatles.

More info about the Reel ADT plugin here.

The Waves H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer features seven different filter types per band, including a newly-developed, asymmetrical bell filter; an intuitive keyboard graphic that lets you choose frequencies by clicking on notes; an exclusive MS Mode so you can apply different EQ to the sum of a stereo signal and its difference; and a flexible real-time frequency spectrum analyzer with multiple display options.

More info about the H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer here.

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