Pay What You Wish for Soundtoys Little Radiator And Donate

soundtoys little radiator

This week, as part of Soundtoys’ “Give a Little, Get a Little” holiday campaign, pay only what you wish for the Soundtoys Little Radiator plugin, a meticulously modeled emulation of the classic Altec 1566 tube mic preamp from the Motown era.

Little Radiator offers a fabulously simple way of adding tube warmth and vibe to your sound.

From Soundtoys:

As part of our “Give a Little, Get a Little” holiday campaign, 100% of your purchase price will be donated to Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), a search and rescue charity that saves lives at sea in the world’s most dangerous border crossings. So far, they’ve rescued nearly 12,000 men, women and children fleeing violence and oppression. Our collective donation will go toward MOAS’ search and rescue operations.

Donate and get it now.

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  • SoulChorea

    That’s the full-version Radiator with the “little tube amp” preset pulled up. The “Little Radiator” is much smaller and only has two knobs.

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