New Book: “Logic Pro X – Tips, Tricks, Secrets #2”


“Logic Pro X – Tips, Tricks, Secrets #2” is the brand new book in my Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM) series.

It is Vol.2 of my previous release “Logic Pro X – Tips, Tricks, Secrets #1”, and continues to reveal even more of Logic’s lesser known and sometimes hidden features and workflows that will supercharge your Logic workflow immediately – guaranteed

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I didn’t know …

One thing you will often hear when people talk about Logic and exchange their experience is, “Oh, I didn’t know that Logic can do this”. The reason for this is that no matter how well you know Logic, or how many years you have been using it, there is always something new to discover.


Of course, the best way to discover all those things is to read the manual, hopefully the ones in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals” (GEM) series. But beyond that, there are so many hidden features and lesser known workflows that often get lost, or you might have never heard of them in the first place … until now.

About This Book

From Beginner to Advanced
I can guarantee you that no matter at what level your Logic experience is, you will find amazing tips and information in this book that you can put to use right away and improve your Logic experience immediately. You might fall into any of the following categories:

  • You didn’t know about those topics
  • You heard about them, but didn’t know how to use them
  • You knew about them, but forgot about them

Learning Beyond the Topic
This book is not just a list of “Logic can do xyz if you do this and click that”. Instead, each topic has two sections:

  • Review: This provides a short introduction for the topic, so regardless of your Logic knowledge, you will better understand what’s so special about it.
  • Attention: This is the section where I discuss the topic. Not only will I explain the topic, I will also provide the information in the context of the bigger picture, so the actual learning process that the reader gets from the book is far beyond the actual trip, trick, or secret.

Four Chapters 

I divided the topics into four chapters:

  • Hidden Features: These are features and functionalities that are not found in the official User Guide and are not widely known in the Logic community.
  • Special Click Actions: These are topics related to mouse actions, clicking on areas, and using modifier keys around the ever changing Cursor Tool. Logic is full of those “easter eggs”.
  • Did You Know? These are important and lesser known features and workflows that will improve the way you use Logic.
  • Be Aware! These are details of specific features that many users might not be aware of and often run into trouble or frustrations due to the lack of proper understanding.

The Graphically Enhanced Way
Of course, I wrote this book in the same format as my other Graphically Enhanced Manuals. That means, I created rich graphics and diagrams to illustrate and explain the various topic for a much better “visual understanding”.

Four Examples

Here are four examples from the book:

Articulation ID

If you use, for example, Drum Kit Designer, Mellotron, or Orchestral Patches, then you use Articulation IDs. I provide an in-depth explanation how that hidden Logic feature works.



Record Smart Controls using Automation Mode or the Record Mode

I show the possible workflows that this little known functionality provides.



Logic Pro X only imports Interleaved Audio Files

I dive a little deeper into the topic of interleaved and split files and show how you can still import split files in Logic.



Different Mouse Movement Behaviors

This is a very important and useful edit functionality, and I show how that also applies to different areas in Logic


Three Formats

This Logic book, like all the other books in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” series, is available in three formats:

PDF Files
The PDF files can be purchased directly from my website as a digital download.

Interactive Multi-touch iBooks
These Enhanced iBooks versions have the same content as the pdf files but they include a glossary with hundreds of terms (also with graphics and diagrams), that are linked throughout the content of the book for a true interactive learning experience. You can even create flash cards from the glossary terms with the click of a button. All my books can be downloaded as free sample books from Apple’s iBooks Store to try this interactive format (now also can be viewed on the iPhone).

Printed Books
The books are also available as printed books on Amazon. Please note, my books on Amazon are always the same version as the corresponding pdf files. This is an advantage of print-on-demand technology, no need to sell pre-printed copies that are out of date.


Graphically Enhanced Manuals

For a list of all my books in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” series and all the links, go to my website at:


Thanks for your time and interest,

Edgar Rothermich.

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich is a composer, producer, educator and author of the best-selling book series “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” He is a graduate of the prestigious Tonmeister program at the University of Arts in Berlin where he also was teaching for five years. His musical work in a wide variety of styles includes numerous scores for films and TV shows plus compositions for ballet and sacred music. His recent re-recording of the Blade Runner soundtrack (done exclusively in Logic Pro!) achieved critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Follow him on Twitter @EdgarRothermich
Edgar Rothermich

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