Add Low End to Audio with Metric Halo Thump – Free Plugin

free plugin metric halo thump

Metric Halo has set free Thump, a free plugin that allows you to synthesize low frequency audio to add low end to a track or generate another sound entirely.

From Metric Halo:

Thump looks at the pitch and dynamics of its audio input and uses this information to control its oscillators. You can add low end to drums, augment a bass or even create synthetic drones. Thump is ideal for beefing up a kick drum, add low end to percussive tracks, re-create classic drum synth sounds, and more.

Watch it at work:

Thump Key Features

  • Two independent envelope driven oscillators
  • Complete control over both pitch and amplitude envelopes
  • Wet/Dry control for mixing synthesized sound with the source
  • Detailed metering
  • A dozen presets included to get you started
  • Adjustable UI size / Disclosable Graphs
  • MH Preset Manager – Provides cross-platform presets
  • Cross Platform – Mac AU, Mac/Win VST & Mac/Win Pro Tools AAX (Native + DSP)

Download Thump. Requires your email address. A link to the user manual is at the bottom of the page.

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  • David

    And after you use the plugin to add low end to your audio, listen to a couple well-mastered recordings, then to your audio again. Then take the plugin off.

  • Olivier Jomphe

    curious to see how it compares to Waves RBass

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