Apple Publishes 5 Logic Pro X Video Tutorials – And a Typo

logic pro x 10.2

On the Logic Pro page in the official Support Communities, Apple has published 5 Logic Pro X video tutorials on October 12th.

The videos give lots of detailed information about the following topics:

  • How to Configure Advanced Tools in Logic Pro X
  • How to Manage Alternates and Backups Logic Pro X
  • How to Edit drum tracks with Drummer in Logic Pro X
  • How to Manage Plug-ins in Logic Pro X
  • How to Use the Sound Library in Logic Pro X

Watch them here.

Do check out the page with the video about managing plugins in Logic Pro X. It contains a funny typo: “Logic Cut Pro X“.

Update: the typo has been fixed.

apple logic cut pro x typo of the decade

Will Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro ultimately be merged into one MEGA audio and video application???


(hat tip to eagle-eyed Edgar Rothermich)

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