BabylonWaves Release Art Conductor 1.6

babylonwaves art conductor 1-6

BabylonWaves have released Art Conductor 1.6, an update to the Scripter plugin that lets you view and modify articulation changes as automation in a track’s automation lane.

Art Conductor

Art Conductor is a software addition to Logic Pro X which allows users to switch sampler instrument articulations in an intuitive way. Articulations can be drawn right into the timeline, without using key switches or cryptical MIDI messages. Once done, the automation shows the real articulation names, such as “Legato” or “Staccato”.

New Presets

Version 1.6 adds a plethora of presets that bring out-of-the-box support for the following sample libraries:

  • 8dio Adagio
  • Soundiron Brass
  • Spitfire Phalanx Brass
  • Mural 3
  • Emotional Cello

With the existing presets for Spitfire Mural/Sable/BML Brass, Cinematic Strings 1+2 and Audiobro LASS, a total number of 225 presets are included. All you need to do is to dial them up and start working. There are also generic templates which can be easily customized. Sampler Instruments featuring Key Switch and Channel based articulation selection are supported. And, there are also special versions for EastWest Play, Vienna Symphony VSL Instruments and Spitfire Audio.

For our review, see Review – Babylonwaves Art Conductor 1.5.

Version 1.6 is available now for €14.99 and free of charge for existing users.

More product information can be found at Babylonwaves.

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