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OS X El Capitan and Native Instruments Audio Units Validation Issues – Workaround

os x el capitan

Thanks to Eli Krantzberg for spotting this clever temporary workaround on the NI forum. In case you’re a user of Native Instruments’ products and got a little too trigger happy upgrading to OS X El Capitan – ending up with Native Instruments Audio Unit validation issues – read this.

The trick is to replace the auvaltool, which handles Audio Unit validation, with an older version. Before you can do this however, you’ll have to disable “System Integrity Protection” – one of El Capitan’s new features that protects system files from being modified – by rebooting into recovery mode.

You can read about the workaround here.

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  • Samplethief

    Why have NI not spent time testing the beta versions of El Capitan with their software. No excuse for this sort of thing these days.

    • Velanche

      But take a look at the issue. It’s not an NI tool that caused the validation to stop working, but an Apple tool. Like NI, Apple’s not known for quick response time it comes to putting out a fix, which will probably be either in the form of an OS update or a Logic update. I suspect that Apple’s updated AU implementation might have also involved an upgrade to the auvaltool, hence downgrading it to the previous version as the workaround.

  • JuanPabloGG

    Worked perfectly

  • Alan Goldman

    It works, but I have now experienced some odd AU validation hangs sometimes when adding a new Au etc. Just seems a bit off and requires some restarts now.

  • Joshua McVey

    If you are finding that not all of your plugins are validating when you select all plugins in logic and rescan (Step 6 above) – you need to select (tick the box and no others) of each plugin and rescan individually. A bit more tedious but well worth it.

    Also, as this process replaces the system auvaltool it ‘should’ work for most other AU plugins too (worked for my Arturia plugins).

  • Quad356

    Hey Native Instruments we really need an update to fix this issue. you only had 3+ months to test with El Capitan before it’s final release. Not a good look!!!

  • I just installed OSX 10.11.1 and these Au eval issues are fixed, all NI plugs are working fine

    • Fayssal Bel

      yes all NI plugs are working now, but other plugs (like iZotope) still not working

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