New Mid Side Processing Plugin by Goodhertz – Midside – Out Now

goodhertz midside mid side processing plugin

Goodhertz have released a new mid side processing plugin, aptly named Midside. The plugin offers several modes for altering stereo width. It costs $79, a one-time 15-day trial is available.


Mid/Side Features

  • High resolution M/S gain faders
  • Mid & side tilt EQ’s, borrowed from the Tiltshift plugin
  • M/S mute & solo functionality
  • M/S panning (Advanced)
  • M/S encoding/decoding (Advanced)
  • Built-in metering

Stereo Width

Goodhertz’ mid side processing plugin offers several different modes for altering the width of the stereo field:

  • Width: The classic stereo width control.
  • Natural: A natural sounding width control.
  • Shuffler A, B, C: Expansive, spacious stereo shuffler capable of both widening or narrowing the low end.
  • M/S Blend: Directly blends between mid & side.

Mono Below

Midside features a Mono Below section that makes it possible to control the stereo width of the bass, making stereo signals more mono below a certain frequency. This can help “ground” the low end in your stereo field and can help make a master easier to cut to vinyl, increase headroom, and help mixes translate to headphones better.

What is a Mid Side Processing plugin?

If you’re wondering what a mid side processing plugin does exactly, or why M/S matters, take a look at the Midside manual. It’s packed with background information, charts and diagrams to help you understand mid side processing.

Instead of left & right, stereo audio can also be thought of, and processed, as mid & side. Everything that’s similar about left & right ends up in the mid, and everything that’s different ends up in the sides. Mid & side are often called “sum” & “difference” because, math-wise, mid is the sum of the left & right, and side is the difference.

Midside costs $79. Mac OS X 10.7 and up. AU/AAX 64-Bit.

A one-time 15-day trial is available. For more information, see Goodhertz Midside.

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