Free DX7 Samples by Yamaha (plus CS80, DX1, DX5 and CS40M)

a picture of a yamaha dx7 FM synthesizer

Yamaha Synthesizers Europe yesterday released a 900Mb pack of free DX7 samples on their Facebook page.

From Yamaha:

Depeche Mode, Underworld, Brian Eno, Phil Collins, Front 242, Queen, Beastie Boys, Herbie Hancock & many more adored their DX7 keyboards. And now it’s up to you! Get your own DX7 pianos, bells & basses for free and ready to play with the included Beat workstation Zampler/RX or other SFZ-compatible samplers.

Zampler // RX

As stated above, the download includes Plugin Boutique’s free Zampler sample player for Win/Mac, but note that it’s 32-bit only. To use the free DX7 samples in Logic Pro X, try Plogue’s Sforzando, a free 64bit sample player that can handle SFZ, (acidiced) WAV, SF2 and DLS files. Once installed, you can simply drop the downloaded .sfz files onto the Sforzando Audio Unit and you’re good to go back to the eighties.

Free DX7 Samples – Patches

Each .sfz patch contains 13 samples ranging from C1 to C5. They’re all one velocity only. The patch list:

  • Clean Analog
  • Bright Bow
  • Dark Side
  • Piano Bass
  • Thumb Bass
  • Chips Sticks
  • Clunk
  • Congas
  • Funky Drummer I
  • Funky Drummer II
  • Syndrum
  • Echo Bells
  • Eeeee
  • Next Rhodes
  • Piano 5
  • Piano X
  • Rhoady
  • Hard For The Core
  • Jump
  • Choras
  • Jazzy
  • Organ Eyes
  • Real B3
  • Analog Strings
  • Stringz
  • Synth Choir
  • Woody Village
  • Ballet Mallet
  • Crushed Piano
  • Doomed
  • Koto IV
  • Reverse Brass
  • Strange Bells
  • Thin Wood
  • Vibrant


You can download the free DX7 samples here. Don’t miss those thumbnails on the right, grab some Yamaha CS80, DX1, DX5 and CS40M samples while you’re at it…

(via Synthopia.)

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