New Portable Vocal Booth by Editors Keys


Our friends at Editors Keys today have released the new version of their Portable Vocal Booth Home Edition. The new Portable Vocal Booth is the successor to the hugely popular original edition of the Vocal Booth Home which was last updated in 2013.

The New portable Vocal Booth Home is 51% smaller when folded up compared to the previous edition, and has a 38% wider booth span when fully open.

More Features

  • Perfect for singers, voice overs and podcasters.
  • Unique clamping system which allows the sound booth to be attached to any microphone stand.
  • Great low cost alternative to the Pro edition which includes a heavy duty stand as part of the product.
  • New Black and Orange stand out design.
  • Used by artists and theaters worldwide.
  • Money back promise.

The new portable vocal booth has a list price of €124.99 including tax.

For more information, product images and a quote on shipping costs, see here.

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