FREE PDF – Logic Pro X 10.2 Update: Undocumented Changes

the cover of a free pdf about logic pro x 10.2

Due to the overwhelming response to this week’s article “Logic Pro X 10.2 Update: Undocumented Changes“, we now make it available as a free PDF download, a Logic Pro Expert Exclusive. The PDF contains new information that was not covered in the original post.

FREE PDF – Logic Pro X 10.2 Update: Undocumented Changes

The author, Edgar Rothermich, reformatted the content as a PDF file in the style of his “Graphically Enhanced Manuals” and added new information that was not covered in the original post. Check out the new chapter about the Level Meter bug and new findings about Track Icons, Notifications, and a long list of Force Click and Haptic Feedback implementations in Logic Pro X v10.2. Edgar also created a Table of Contents for the PDF file, so you can easily jump to a chapter/subchapter from your PDF reader’s sidebar.

You can download the PDF here. (24Mb).

Enjoy, and spread the word!

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  • Stephen Cullo

    Wow and thank you. : >

  • cosmicfish

    Some day, we can only hope, all manuals will be written this well. Thanks Edgar for leading the way;)

  • Leon

    Outstanding work, shared for free! Thanks Edgar!

  • abadon

    Big thanks for this tremendous work.

  • Robert Landeros

    Great job Edgar! Thanks

  • capillotraktor

    I can’t seem to be able to subscribe to the newsletter, as I keep getting “failed nonce security check”… any idea ?

    • It does that sometimes – haven’t found the cause yet. I can add you manually – just mail me at newsletter at Cheers!

      • capillotraktor

        Ok, thanks for the add, and keep up the good work !

        • Haven’t added you yet, need your email address 😉 newsletter at

  • cristov

    I need to create notation with a double (treble and bass) staff for melody (to which lyrics will be added in placed pdfs) and a separate bass clef staff for the guitar chords. I accidentally managed to create this, but now cannot remember how to do it. (I create a pdf from the “Score” view, then place pages as images in a text editor to which the lyrics can be added, and the measures for melody need to align with those for the guitar chords.)

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