Reversing Audio In Logic Pro X 10.2 – Much Better!

logic pro x 10.2

As I was scrolling through the 10.2 Release Notes (again), I came across this little gem: “Audio regions can now be nondestructively reversed using either a check box in the Region Inspector, or a key command”.

Which means that in Logic Pro X 10.2, to quickly reverse audio in the Workspace, all you have to do is select a region and check the Reverse box in the Region Inspector.

It works instantly.

reverse audio in logic pro x 10.2

Even better, there’s a key command for that, but you’ll have assign it yourself.

I went for option shift R.

Made sense, as the default key command for reversing audio in the Audio File Editor is ctrl shift R.

Very cool. Reversing works on Apple audio loops too. It does not work on audio regions with Flex enabled (thanks Markus).

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  • JC

    That’s all nice. BUT where is the audio edit-window? Before updating one could chose between working with a region and the file itself. Now there’s no way to work the raw file. Or am I missing something? Where is the window to normalize, reverse etc.? Anyone?

    • JC, make sure that in Preferences > Advanced, “Show Advanced Tools” and “Audio” are checked. That should do it.

      • JC

        That’s it! Thank you. JC

  • Morten

    I’ve enabled the advanced options/Audio, and I’ve made sure the output is stereo, not surround, and even if the image looks like a reversed cymbal, it plays 3 hits on the cymbal, not the cool swoosh sound I’m looking for πŸ™

  • Harry Hocking

    When I reverse a region, it reverses all of the same part in the whole song.
    e.g. If I try to reverse 1 region named ‘Echoed Cymbal’, it reverses that AND every other region that is the Echoed Cymbal, not just the one I wanted it to reverse. Is this a giant bug, or is there a way I can stop it doing this?

  • obliviga

    I wish this worked while Flex Editing is enabled.

    • Yari van Bekkum

      Just Bounce Region in Place to a new layer (after you reversed it). Now you can flex all you want. πŸ™‚

  • pikiwiki

    The only person who understood the reverse function wasn’t in the editing window. Yay. thanks

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