Logic Pro X 10.2 – About the Gobbler Integration

logic pro x 10-2 gobbler

One new feature in Logic Pro X 10.2 is Gobbler, a cloud based collaboration and backup service that enables Logic Pro users to share their projects with other users. Here’s what Gobbler have to say about the integration in Logic Pro X 10.2

Versioning with Gobbler

Once you’ve synced a project with Gobbler, you’ll get a new version created in Gobbler every time you save the project. Thanks to our own secret sauce deduplication, each save will only contain what’s been changed. So, if you have a 4 GB tracking session, and you just change some fader rides, you don’t need to worry about a sync taking forever. Want to go back to a previous version of your track? Just head to File->Gobbler and you’ll see all previously synced versions (for each save) of a track, available for you to download.

Sharing Projects & Mixdowns

In addition to syncing and versioning your own work, you can take advantage of Gobbler’s collaboration tools to share your project or mixdown with others. Navigate to File->Share and you’ll see options for “Song to Gobbler” and “Project to Gobbler”:

logic pro x 10-2 gobbler 1

Select either option, and you’ll see a pop-up window for entering the email addresses of target recipients, a file picker for any additional files you’d like to include (Gobbler can handle all file types), and space to add notes for recipients:

logic pro x 10-2 gobbler 2

When you share a project or mixdown from Logic Pro X, Gobbler will automatically create a new Workspace (if needed) to house those assets – so you can invite collaborators to a Workspace that just contains the assets that you want to share with them.

Note the option to create a public link when you share – here’s how that works:

If you have the “public link” box checked, your recipients will receive a direct link to download the assets that you’ve sent them – a link which can then be shared, should they choose. If you leave the box unchecked, then your collaborators will need Gobbler accounts of their own – once they register with their email addresses, they will automatically be added as collaborators to your Workspace.


If you need a Gobbler account, you can sign up for one here.

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