Logic Pro X 10.2 Is On The Streets

logic pro x 10.2


Logic Pro X 10.2 was just released. Let’s just call it the “Alchemy” edition.

Read up here:


More good stuff on CDM:

Alchemy synth is now a part of Logic Pro X; here’s what’s new

And on MacRumors (thanks a bunch Rich!):

Logic Pro X and MainStage Updated With Alchemy Integration From Recent Acquisition

As always, Apple’s 10.2 Release notes.

That link should work. Promise me you’ll blame Apple if it still links to an older version.

Happy days everyone. Go explore, and have fun.

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  • Peter Klassen

    I haven’t been able to start Logic Pro 10.2 on Mavericks, it keeps crashing. I tried launching with having the core audio disabled and it starts no problem. Anyone else having that issue? I have a second boot drive with Yosemite on it and Logic boots no problem.

    • Chris Catalano

      Hmmm. I just updated to Yosemite…Logic Pro X 10.2 all good so far, but Final Cut Pro X crashed every time I hit the FX panel. The problem was a bad plugin. I literally had to go through 276 3rd party plugins, deleting them to another temporary folder until…275 plugins later, I found the problem. Look inside your AU Plugins management tool in Logic preferences, and see if there any incompatible ones…ditch them. Maybe that will help.

      • Peter Klassen

        Yeah I have no problem on Yosemite, just on Mavericks I’m having this issue. I can’t even start LPX unless I disable Core Audio. I can’t get to my AU Plugin Management to check the plugins.

        • Chris Catalano

          I know it is a ton of work, but this worked for me once: Go to your Library/Audio/Plugins/Components folder, try moving all of the AU components out into a created folder called “Bad Plugins”, restart your engines and see what happens when you gradually start putting them back in. When one of them greys out, chances are it is at least one of the culprits. Not sure, and always a risk. Just make sure you at least have a backup copy of the contents. I read on a Facebook site I frequent a few days ago, a developer saying he wished Apple would get on their Core Audio Issues. Maybe that is what he was referring to. When you call Apple reps, it is tough because everyone has created unique setups with plugins and add ons that even experts have no way of keeping up with. Draining process, I know. Good luck!

          • Peter Klassen

            I tried that and it didn’t work but what did strangely work was me starting Logic Pro 9 because I needed to work on a session. After I was done I tried to open Logic Pro X 10.2 again and it all of a sudden worked. Not sure how using LP9 fixed it but it somehow did.

          • Chris Catalano

            Excellent! I will remember to try that one in the future should a similar thing happen…

    • BentOnEvolution

      I had a Logic alias in the USER library from a past version. I used it to put content on an external. Now that libraries are installed on the SYSTEM level, that alias folder was completely vestigial. Go into your user library (click on user, hold option, click “go”) and find that alias/folder. Delete it. Make sure this is user library not system library. Leave system library as it is. This fixed it for me.

      • Peter Klassen

        I somehow mysteriously fixed it by starting LP 9 and then starting LPX after. If I have anymore problems I’ll have to try that. Thanks!

        • BentOnEvolution

          That sounds like LP 9 fixed the issue for you when you started it up. Just a guess…

  • DavidT

    I have just updated my utility that gets all the download links to the additional content.
    You can use a download manager and install from there. http://bit.ly/lpx_links

  • mwdiers

    They really screwed up working with tempo curves. Try this: Make a curve. Select those points, and try to copy and paste to a new area of the tempo track. All the curves are converted to stepped values, not only in the pasted area, but in the entire map.

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