Free Four Track Recorder for iPhone – Spire by iZotope

Free Four Track Recorder for iPhone - Spire by iZotope

Need to quickly record some ideas on your iPhone for your next project? iZotope have recently released Spire, a free four track recorder for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It runs on much of the same powerful processing as iZotope’s flagship software. The app automatically adds polish to your recordings, so you can easily record, mix, and share audio from anywhere.

Spire Features

  • recorded tracks are instantly and automatically enhanced with built-in de-esser, dynamic EQ, compression, stereo imager (opt-in), and a limiter.
  • Voice command offers hands-free control to get your recording started.
  • In-app metronome, audible only over headphones when you’re recording.
  • Control volume and panning with simple, touch-and-drag mixing controls.
  • Share your finished recording through text, email, or other storage services.
  • Offers Apple Watch App for iPhone too

Audio example, from iZotope’s Made with Spire Soundcloud page:

Go give it a shot. You can get it it here:

Spire by iZotope

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