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waves cobalt saphira

More cool audio plugin news on a hot summer day: Waves have just announced their latest audio plugin, dubbed Cobalt Saphira, that lets you easily add harmonics to audio without using any compression. Cobalt Saphira is the first in the new Cobalt line of Waves plugins.

From Waves:

Cobalt Saphira is an advanced harmonics shaping tool that lets you add rich harmonics to your tracks in order to give them analog musicality, depth and “glue.” … We often use the term “glue” when touting the benefits of compression. But the “glue” we hear from a good compressor is many times the result of added harmonics. Cobalt Saphira lets you directly control your harmonics without compression, helping to glue your tracks and turn them into a more musical, cohesive mix.

Cobalt Saphira Features

  • Analog harmonic enhancement with full digital control
  • Edge and Warmth controls – balance tube, solid-state and transformer qualities in order to achieve various levels of even and odd harmonic enhancement
  • 4-band EQ for separate control of the frequency spectrum of the even (Edge) and odd (Warmth) harmonics
  • Seven different harmonics modes for your tweaking pleasure
  • Tape depth with five different tape speeds to choose from

Cobalt Saphira Video

Watch the video for some tips on how to add harmonics to audio with Waves’ new product:

Regular Price $149, Introductory Sale: $99.

More info, demo download:

Cobalt Saphira

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