Free Video Tutorial – Serial Compression With Waves Renaissance Compressor Part 1

Serial Compression With Waves Renaissance Compressor

Eli Krantzberg has produced an excellent free video tutorial about using the Waves Renaissance Compressor in Logic Pro X.

In part one, you can hear how the Opto and Electro modes affect the Waves Renaissance Compressor’s release characteristics, and how using two instances serially on sub-grouped drum overheads yields smooth transparent sounding compression.


More information about the Renaissance Compressor can be found here. Make sure you check out the free Logic Pro video tutorials category on Logic Pro Expert for more great freebies like these.

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  • i realize Eli himself may not work here, but…

    A) it’s not too much compression. sounds good. don’t generalize.
    B) The VO is way too loud. If you’re trying to hear subtle differences in envelopes you turn up your speakers, then the VO is too loud. If the VO were like 7dB quieter, that would prompt people to turn up their speakers- thus allowing them to hear the difference which you are demonstrating.
    C) Sorry to come across as dickish, but we’re talking education here… you can’t half-ass it.

  • Olivier Jomphe

    Great video! Thanks

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