Free Sci-Fi Sound Effects – Samples of Tenalach


99 Sounds released Samples of Tenalach, the third pack of free sci-fi sound effects created by Johan Ekelove.

Samples of Tenalach contains a collection of swooshes, noises and otherworldly sonic textures.

This pack is the third in a trilogy of sorts, that started with “The Weird Side Samples”, followed by “InterSpace” and now ends with “Samples of Tenalach”. Tenalach is a sonic adventure I composed during an intensive week in the fall of 2014 and that I have now collected some of my favorite sounds from. It moves in the realms of the strangely mechanical and abstract, but at the same time there is an organic quality that holds a sort of beauty and sense of contemplation and rest.


  • 91 audio samples
  • 24-bit WAV format
  • 44.1 kHz Stereo
  • 219 MB size

Audio Examples:

Get them here.

(via Reason Expert)

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