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It’s good to see that amid the recent release of some cool new products, Apple has published quite a few new or modified support articles on Here’s a quick overview of support articles that apply to Logic Pro users. This post was first published on April 13th 2015.

Mac OS X


Modified: read about how to use more than one audio interface at the same time with Core Audio-compliant audio applications:

How to combine multiple audio interfaces by creating an aggregate device


For Mavericks users, learn how to use multiple displays:

OS X: Using multiple displays in Mavericks

Learn which Mac computers can use 4K displays and Ultra HD TVs, and what the requirements are:

Using 4K displays and Ultra HD TVs with your Mac

Key Commands

A handy overview of keyboard shortcuts / key commands for Mac:

Mac keyboard shortcuts

An overview of startup key combinations for your Mac, for troubleshooting:

Startup key combinations for Mac

Logic Pro X

About how Logic Pro X handles importing split stereo audio files:

Logic Pro X: Importing split stereo audio files

The “Export Track as Audio File” command sometimes is not available, here’s why:

Logic Pro X: “Export Track as Audio File” menu item is sometimes is dimmed

Doug Zangar recently wrote an article about the Export All Tracks as Audio Files function in Logic Pro X and how it relates to exporting only a selection of tracks from your project.

What to do when Logic Pro only sees one USB audio interface device when you have installed multiple USB audio interfaces of the same model:

Logic Pro X: Logic only sees one USB audio interface device

When you add a movie to a Logic Pro project, the computer may slow down and have higher than normal fan activity:

Logic Pro X: Slow performance when adding a movie to a project

When you load a movie into Logic Pro X and choose not to extract the audio, the movie’s audio may not play through the audio interface that Logic is using:

Logic Pro X: Embedded audio in a movie may not play

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  • Tim

    Does anyone know how to set up tap tempo in Logic Pro x? I have read everything I can find online, tried the method that people describe and it does not work like it did in Logic Pro 9. I just want to set up a basic tap tempo like I used to in logic 9.

  • Eli Krantzberg

    Hi Tim,

    Just tested it out in Logic Pro 10.1.1 and it seems to work fine. There are two steps involved to get it working.

    The first is to assign a key command to the Tap Tempo function. It is unassigned by default.

    The second step is to open the tempo Interpreter window that is found In the Tempo submenu of the main Edit menu and set the parameters accordingly.

    This second step isn’t even strictly speaking necessary. Once you assign your key command, just tap four times on it and Logic will calculate the tempo and start playback at it; you don’t even need to open the Tempo Interpreter at all unless you need to adjust the default settings there.

    Hope this helps.

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