Batch Rename Audio Files in OS X 10.10 and Up

Batch Rename Audio Files in OS X 2

Did you know? In OS X 10.10 or later, it has become easier to rename audio files in batch with Finder’s native “Rename Finder Items” function.

Remove the _bip Suffix

Every time you use the Export All Tracks as Audio Files function in Logic Pro X (and Logic Pro 9), “_bip” will be appended to the name of your audio files. You might want to remove that before sending off your files to your mixing/mastering engineer (I always do). Instead of using a third party solution, Automator or removing the _bip suffix in OS X terminal, you can now easily remove it with Finder’s “Rename Finder Items” function.

Do as follows:

1. Select the audio files in Finder that have the _bip suffix.

Batch Rename Audio Files in OS X 1

2. Control-click on the selected files and choose “Rename X Items”. X being the number of files you’ve selected…

Batch Rename Audio Files in OS X 2

3. In the “Rename Finder Items” tool that pops up, choose ‘Replace Text’ from the dropdown. You’ll want to replace “_bip” with nothing. Nice touch: you’ll get a live example of your edits.

Batch Rename Audio Files in OS X 3

4. Click “Rename”.

“_bip” be gone.


How to Batch Rename Files on Mac OS X Easily from Finder

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  • Niels Verhoek

    great tip! As far as I know Logic is the only app that creates a suffix on their files. Cubase, Abletonm Live and Wavelab doesn’t alter file names in any way.. (only as backup)

    • Thanks!

      You can prepend/append text too. Good for unprocessed/processed files (aux buses, stems).

  • Doug Zangar

    Nice! I’ve been using NameChanger, which works well and has a few more features. But for what I generally need (get rid of .bip), this looks easier to use.

    • polygooner

      Name Changer is great, and free, and does far more than this, just as easily.

      • Doug Zangar

        I guess I should have said faster – I don’t find NameChanger difficult, but this saves opening the program, arguably saving a little time.

  • Olivier Jomphe

    So nice! I have always been removing the .bip one by one. Thanks so much I didn’t know about this great option

  • Thanks for this, I had no idea! This has been a great pain to me for many years!

    • Me neither… you’re welcome.

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