Change Sampler Instrument Articulations with Art Conductor

art conductor screenshot

Babylonwaves have released Art Conductor, a script for Logic Pro X that allows you to change sampler instrument articulations in a completely new way.

Art Conductor Features

  • Designed to work with every virtual instrument featuring note based key switching.
  • Built with musicians in mind. You can easily edit it without knowing how to program code.
  • Spitfire version of Art Conductor supports UACC.
  • Finally enables you to transpose parts without destroying key switches.
  • Articulations can be renamed to make them consistent over all instruments.
  • The script saves with the project. No additional software installation is needed when you run the project on another Mac.
  • You can keep using traditional key switches in parallel if required.
  • All versions support the TouchOSC UACC template. Remote control your instrument from a tablet.
  • Highly optimised and resource friendly (you can run a lot of those scripts).

Watch the video to see how it works:

The Art Conductor Bundle costs €14,99. The bundle is a collection of scripts for Logic Pro X and includes both the MIDI note and Spitfire UACC version.

More info:

Art Conductor

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  • AnthonyDominello

    I think the operative phrase here is, “Shut up and take my money!” This looks incredible!

    • Logic Pro X scripting FTW!

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