New Logic Remote Video Tutorials – “Logic Remote Explained”


Groove3 has just released a new series of Logic Remote video tutorials – “Logic Remote Explained” – made by Groove3 trainer and Logic Pro Expert team member Doug Zangar.

In the video tutorials, Doug shows you all about Logic Remote and how you can use it more efficiently, so you can control Logic Pro quickly and easily.

Logic Remote Explained – Video Overview

Set Up

Learn OS and hardware requirements and how download and connect Logic Remote to Logic Pro X.

Control Bar

The Control Bar is introduced and each feature is briefly explained. Next, Doug goes into detail on the Control Bar transport, record, display, cycle, metronome, settings and info.

The Mixer

Navigation in the mixer is explained, with the volume view enabled. Mute, solo, record and automation buttons are covered next. Setting channel strip volume is also covered. Next up are panning, audio and MIDI FX, sends, software instruments and audio output routing.

The Library

In this video you’ll learn about the contextual feature of the library, along with selecting patches and settings.

Touch Instruments

Take a detailed look in the view window on how to change the default touch instrument and explore the keyboard features. Chords strips are covered as well. In the next video, Guitar, Bass, Smart Strings and Drums are covered.

Key Commands

In this video you’ll learn how to use key commands, how to create them, modify them and back them up.

Smart Help

Here you’ll see how Logic Remote can contextually display Logic Pro X’s help documentation.

Garageband & Mainstage Tips

These last two Logic Remote video tutorials cover the differences you’ll encounter when using Logic Remote together with Garageband or Mainstage.

“Logic Remote Explained” contains 12 tutorials in total, 1 hour total runtime. More info and free sample video here:

Logic Remote Explained

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