Using the McDSP ML4000 in Logic Pro X (Video)

Using McDSP ML4000 in Logic Pro X

In this free video, you can see and hear how Eli Krantzberg uses the McDSP ML4000 limiter and multi-band dynamics processor in Logic Pro X.

Using the McDSP ML4000 in Logic Pro X

Watch as this multi band gate, expander, and compressor is used to subtly tame and enhance different areas of a full mix. Learn how to use the master/link mode as a starting point for multi band processing, and hear how subtle upward and downward expansion is used to tweak the natural blend of multiple instruments in a mix. See how compression is used to varying degrees in different areas of the frequency range. And finally, hear how the Limiter, with its powerful knee control, is put to work at the very final stage of a finished mix.

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