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Finally, the book “Logic Pro X – The Details” (revised for Logic Pro X 10.1) is now also available as an interactive multi-touch iBooks on Apple’s iBooks Store. www.DingDingMusic.com/Manuals

What are Enhanced iBooks?

While regular eBooks are mostly just a transfer of the printed book version with some additional search and annotation capabilities, the Enhanced iBooks (only available on Apple’s iBooks Store and marked as “Made for iBooks”) go far beyond that. They provide the author with tools to create a rich user experience almost like an app. Enhanced iBooks could originally only be read on iPads, but now the iBooks app lets you read those books also on your computer.

Made for iBooks
If you haven’t experienced this unique style of reading and learning yet, please download the free sample book of this Enhanced iBook (on the same iBooks Store page) and see for yourself. It provides the best experience for an easy-visual-interactive way of learning Logic Pro X, plus crispy graphics when viewed on your iPad.

The iBooks version of “Logic Pro X – The Details” contains an additional graphically enhanced glossary with 600 terms that are linked throughout the content of the book (I will add even more terms in the following updates). Tap on a linked word in the book and a popup window displays the glossary entry with links to other sections of the book with the same term, or links to other related terms. Of course, you can make searchable notes, highlight sections, and even make flash cards with the click of a button.
The content of this iBooks is the same as the pdf or printed book version, but the additional glossary and the interactivity makes it the best reading/learning experience. Even beginners and intermediate Logic users can now dive into the more advanced features of Logic without getting lost in a typical text-based manual.

The Perfect Combo

Both manuals “Logic Pro X – How it Works” and “Logic Pro X – The Details” are the perfect combo to learn and master Logic Pro X. On a total of 1,100 pages you will learn virtually everything there is to know about Logic Pro X 10.1, based on the latest version of Logic Pro. Not just a list of features and functions or an example of one Project. You will finally learn and understand how things work with the help of unique diagrams and illustrations that give you the needed aha effect, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or, even an advanced Logic user.

Please note that both of the Logic manuals in my "Graphically Enhanced Manuals" series are still the only books (besides the official User Guide) that are based on the most recent version of Logic Pro X v10.1. All other books from other publishers are outdated at this time, based on older versions, which is problematic due to the significant changes in the most recent Logic updates.


The Visual Approach

My unique concept of explaining features and concepts with easy to understand diagrams makes it possible for Logic Pro X users of all levels to learn its features – no matter how easy or advanced.


The GEM Advantage


Graphics, Graphics, Graphics
Every feature and concept is explained with rich graphics and illustrations that are not found in any other book or documentation. These are not just a few screenshots with arrows in it. I take the time to create unique diagrams to illustrate the concepts and workflows.

Knowledge and Understanding
The purpose of my manuals is to provide the reader with the knowledge and understanding of an app that is much more valuable than just listing and explaining a set of features.

For any given feature, I list every available command so you can decide which one to use in your workflow. Some of the information is not even found in the Logic’s User Guide.

For Beginners and Advanced Users
The graphical approach makes my manuals easy to understand for beginners, but still, the wealth of information and details provide plenty of material, even for the most advanced user.

Three formats
No other manual is available in all three formats: PDF (from my website), interactive multi-touch iBooks (on Apple’s iBooks Store), and printed book (on Amazon).

Interactive iBooks
No other manual is available in the Enhanced iBook format. I include an extensive glossary, also with additional graphics. Every term throughout the content of the iBook is linked to the glossary term that lets you popup a window with the explanations without leaving the page you are currently reading. Every term lists all the entries in the book where it is used and links to other related terms.

No other manual stays up to date with the current version of the app. Due to the rapid update cycles of applications nowadays, most books by major publishers are already outdated by the time they are released. I constantly update my books to stay current with the latest version of an app.

Free Updates (PDF, iBook only)
No other manual provides free updates, I do. Whenever I update a book, I email a free download link of the PDF file to current customers. iBooks customers will receive an automatic update notification and 24 hours after a new update, the printed book will be available on Amazon. They are print-on-demand books, which means, whenever you order a book on Amazon, you get the most recent version and not an outdated one sitting in a publisher’s warehouse.

Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM) series

Please go to my website to check out all the titles that I’ve released in my Graphically Enhanced Manuals series.

Thanks for your interest,

Edgar Rothermich



Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich is a composer, producer, educator and author of the best-selling book series “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” He is a graduate of the prestigious Tonmeister program at the University of Arts in Berlin where he also was teaching for five years. His musical work in a wide variety of styles includes numerous scores for films and TV shows plus compositions for ballet and sacred music. His recent re-recording of the Blade Runner soundtrack (done exclusively in Logic Pro!) achieved critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Follow him on Twitter @EdgarRothermich
Edgar Rothermich

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  • killmedj

    Hmmmm I dunno bro $72.00 AUD?

  • EdgarRothermich

    I know (bro), the book is not cheap.
    However, creating a product that has value requires a lot of work (= time = money). Imagine, transferring and reformatting 711 letter size pages manually from the Pages app into the iBooks Author format, by adjusting each single diagram (a total of 3048 graphics) to end up with 1480 pages on the iBook and then creating 600 entries for an interactive glossary and manually link those terms throughout the book. I can tell you, it takes a LOT of time and expertise (which also required time over the years to reach that expertise). On the other hand, big publishers often sell their eBook versions for a similar price as the printed books, even if they are much cheaper (no paper, no printing, no warehouse). These are also just plain eBooks that are a direct transfer of the printed book with no added values or interactivity.
    That interactivity of Enhanced iBooks adds quality, a higher value. Quality is more expensive and I believe that my books provide that value for the user. The final decision is up to the customer if the price justifies that value.

    For example, there are about five other books for Logic Pro X available. They use a different style than my books, but they are good. I know, because I bought them all and read them all. So the customer can choose. However, all those books are outdated and not based on the current Logic v10.1. You can ask yourself why someone would buy a book to learn a software application where the functionality has changed or the app includes features and workflows that are not covered in the book? My two Logic books are at the moment the only books based on the current Logic version. However, customers still choose to buy those outdated Logic books, maybe because they are cheaper (the printed version)? I can choose to lower the price of my books to compete with them on the price, or I can chose to compete with them on the content, the quality, which ultimately means the value of the book. I know that I’m losing potential customers who are not willing to pay for that value (or are not able to afford it).

    Unfortunately, buying decisions are often made based on the sticker price of a product and not the “actual price”, the end value. Remember, people always chose cheaper PCs over more expensive Macs without realizing the the “Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)” was often way higher for a PC (reliability, maintenance, virus management, resell-value, etc). If an interactive book with lots of graphics – that is easy to understand -is based on the current version -which provides a better (deeper) understanding of the app – saves you not only more time during the learning process, it potentially saves you countless hours when using Logic because you operate the app much better without getting stuck left and right because you didn’t understand some concept, functionality or workflows. At that moment you can ask yourself, “I dunno bro” how much is my own time worth, and the hours of lost productivity compared to the extra price of the book.

    You can read the testimonials and reviews for my books or I can forward you the countless emails from satisfied customers that I received who thank me for creating my manuals in this unique “Graphically Enhanced” style. That proves to me that my books have a great value for my customer, from beginners to the advanced Logic users. Unfortunately it is expensive to create that value.
    P.S., why do you think none of the big publishers offer manuals in the interactive multi-touch iBooks format for Logic (or any other application), even so that format is a much better way to learn an application (or any other topic)?

    • Olivier Jomphe

      The fact that it’s interactive and updatable to me justifies the price. If you want go ahead and buy another regular book that will be outdated in 2 months for 15$ less but I don’t see any benefits in doing that.
      Skip on two nights at the bar or the new 1176 plugin you don’t need and get the book instead. That’s the way I see it anyway.
      Thanks for your work EdgarRothermich

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