Exporting Audio Tracks out of Logic Pro X

Exporting Audio Tracks Logic Pro X exclusion

If you have ever needed to export audio tracks out of Logic Pro X and have used the track export feature, you’ve likely discovered that you can either do one selected track with Export > Track as Audio File or all tracks by using Export > All Tracks as Audio Files. That’s fine until you want to export a subset of tracks.

Exporting Audio Tracks from Logic Pro X

I’ve had an ongoing project where I need, say, 10 out of 20 tracks exported. I’ve been exploring ways to do this and asking around to some learned Logic Pro users. The final consensus appears to be that there are two techniques to export a subset of tracks: inclusion and exclusion.

Track Inclusion

Inclusion requires putting the desired tracks to be exported into a folder (an old school Folder, not a Track Stack), opening it up and choosing File > Export > All Tracks as Audio Files.

(or use E).

Exporting Audio Tracks Logic Pro X inclusion

Track Exclusion

Exclusion requires turning the track on/off button to off for any tracks you do not wish to export, then using the Export > All Tracks as Audio Files function.

Exporting Audio Tracks Logic Pro X exclusion

Since we can now select multiple tracks in Logic Pro X, it would be nice if track selection would define the tracks to be exported. Hopefully this is a feature we will see at some point in Logic Pro X’s development.

Doug Zangar

Doug Zangar

A Logic Pro user since the late 80’s with its predecessor Notator, Doug has become an expert in Logic Pro and MainStage. He has been an Apple certified trainer since Logic 6, created and leads the Seattle Logic User Group, and has authored numerous video tutorial series on Logic Pro and MainStage as well as other DAWs and plug-ins.

Based in Seattle, he runs Apple certified trainings, teaches Logic Pro for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program Masters in Music degree and tutors individual users. His use of Logic Pro includes writing for film, commercials, web sites and working with singer/songwriters.
Doug Zangar

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  • Simon William Kitt

    The final consensus is wrong…

    Best method by far is to create a Sub Mixed track stack “region” for each group of instruments.

    I.E How you want your stems to be grouped in to the output wav files. For example – Bass, Drums, Vocals, Synths, Effects, etc Or how ever you organise your instruments into group stem sub sets.

    Now 2 crucial things to note:

    Firstly: you must create an “empty region” in each of the subset stacks main tracks in addition to your individual instruments regions Or it won’t export the stems!.

    Secondly: You must create a separate Aux to route your Send Aux FX channels into or things will end up some what dry –
    create a track header from this new Send FX Aux and once again create an “empty region” for it. This will add a Send FX stem which is vital if you want to create and keep send effects with your stems mix down.

    Use the export all function and what you have are how ever many sub group mixes you created + an Aux FX Wav for your send FX’s – grouped and mixed up as wav stems exactly as needed. Of course Logic will still export every other region and instrument as well so I always label subsets from 1 to 8 to keep them together in the bounce folder.

    The other way which in my mind is still useful is to record the track in real time into bus stems.
    I still do this a fair bit when I want to create a bit more of a humanised mix down with fader riding.
    in the old days recording onto tape with analog desks you had to do it this way. Course automation
    takes the role of this these day’s but for certain styles of music mixing doing it all manually in real time works best.

  • How do i export multiple tracks as single wav file after arranging them?

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