Free Plugin – Haa5 Stereo Control

haa5 stereo control

Apex Audio Technologies have released their first free plugin: Haa5 Stereo Control.

This plugin uses stereo delays to create what is known as the “precedence effect”, also known as the “Haas effect” after Helmut Haas who’s 1949 Ph.D. thesis first described this psycho-acoustic phenomenon.

Haa5 is available in 32/64-bit AU format.

You can get the plugin for free, or for ‘pay what you want’. Requires signing up and checking out.

More info:


UPDATE: This plugin now seems to have a $5 price tag all of a sudden (thanks Jared N.). Make sure you read the comments of this post to learn how to achieve similar results in Logic Pro for free.

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  • Mike Crowder

    This plug is great on guitars! Thanks.

  • skitduidet

    Can’t get it validated in Logic 10.1

    • Works fine in 10.1.1 over here.

  • Jared N.

    Plugin is not actually free, but only a minimum of $5
    Worth picking up? How are you guys using it?

    • Thanks for pointing that out. They must have put a price on it recently then 🙁
      It’s just a quickie way to achieve the Haas effect. You could do it in Logic Pro manually, by sending a mono track to a stereo aux bus that has a Sample Delay plugin on it, for example. Then use the aux bus’ Pan/Balance knob.

      • Ælfric

        The plugin is still free. There is a suggested payment (now $15), but you can overtype that with 0 and add it to your cart.

        • Thanks for the info!

          • alex_poulsen

            $10 now

  • Jan Rosenfeld

    i know this is n00by, but how is this different from Sample Delay in logic? is that technically doing the same thing?

    • Yes, except for the panning part.

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