Free Plugin – Sinevibes Zap

free plugin sinevibes zap

Sinevibes have released a free plugin called Zap – a mini-synthesizer that is controlled by incoming audio.

Free Plugin – Zap

Zap’s envelope follower tracks the peak energy of a sound, then applies it onto the frequency of a monophonic oscillator. Zap has 3 oscillator waveform modes and an envelope stepping feature. The free plugin can turn any audio source into dynamic synth sweeps, sub-basses, blips, chirps or glitches.



  • Signal envelope follower with variable lag time and curve, plus level stepping feature.
  • Three oscillator modes: pure sine, ring-modulated sines & phase-modulated sines.
  • Realtime output waveform display.
  • Retina ready.

Zap is available in 32/64-bit Audio Unit plugin format.

Get Zap here:

Sinevibes Zap

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  • SoulChorea

    that is awesome!! Thanks for this

    • Nifty little plugin, isn’t it?


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