Free Sound Effects from Sonniss (10+ GB)

free sound effects game dev conference 2015

To celebrate the 2015 Game Developers Conference, Sonniss have teamed up with many of their suppliers to offer a large number of free sound effects, hand-picked from their premium sound effects libraries.

They’re also running a big sale until April 2nd, where you can save up to 50% off some of the best libraries. The bundle of free sound effects contains 646 files (10.27GB) of high-quality sound effects ranging from foley to atmospheres, suitable for game designers, video makers, and sound designers.

See here for more information.

NOTE: On the website, this bundle is limited to 100 downloads per 24-hour period until April 2nd for bandwidth reasons. If at some point during the day this library is ‘not available’, or the website is down, use the torrent file, provided by Sonniss to be used in a mac torrent client of your choice (if that’s uTorrent, read up). There’s plenty of seeds, so downloading shouldn’t take too long.

(via Reason Expert)

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    Hello. Thanks for writing this post, it’s genuinely appreciated – Could you please change the name to Sonniss, not (Sonnoss) – Thank you in advance.

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