5 Free Kontakt Instruments by Rhythmic Robot

free kontakt instrument Commodore 64

Here are 5 free Kontakt instruments developed by Rhythmic Robot who as they state on their website “like to take cool, interesting, dusty old hardware and turn it into cool, interesting, dusty Kontakt instruments”.

You have been warned 😉

NanoMod 7

free kontakt instrument NanoMod

NanoMod is a freeware 8-bit synthesiser module that brings the grittiness of vintage 8-bit digital synths from the 80s. Wave 1 is a thickly detuned combination of two sawtooths and a PWM pulse, and Wave 2 is a typical early-digisynth waveform, with Breath and Air components and a lot of high-frequency noise.


free kontakt instrument jackie

Jacky features five combinable transistor rhythms with a warm, slightly gritty tonality, plus drive and compression controls for punch. Individual drum hits are mapped out.

Commodore 64

free kontakt instrument Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions Deluxe is a free Commodore 64 SID chip synthesiser, it has a library of 30 patches sampled from three different iterations of the Commodore 64 home computer and its famous SID chip. This will bring back some memories!

Doctor 33

free kontakt instrument Doctor33

Doctor 33 is not a drum machine – it’s a metronome that creates a variety of analogue clicks, blips and ticks with a percussive style of their own. Four tempo-synced and combinable onboard rhythms can be selected.


free kontakt instrument panarhythm

PanaRhythm is a little analogue snaredrum machine, with only three sounds and a handful of drum patterns, with round-robins of the samples for an analogue feel.

Downloading requires adding them to your cart, then checkout and signup. The free Kontakt instruments require a full version of Kontakt version 4.2.3 or later to run.

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