Logic Pro X 10.1.1 Out Now

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Logic Pro X 10.1.1 is on the streets, a minor update with bug fixes and stability improvements.

What’s New in Version 10.1.1

  • Pre-fader sends are no longer affected by VCA Faders
  • VoiceOver can once again access audio channels as well as the track header volume and pan controls
  • The Brush Tool no longer gets stuck in fixed pitch mode when selected after using the Pencil Tool
  • Resolves an issue that could cause the Download Manager to appear empty
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

Note: according to Celemony, this update is supposed to fix a problem with transferring a variable tempo to Melodyne.

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  • Van Haze

    Oh Yes !!

  • OleFlaten

    Did it fix the Artist Mix / Artist Control – issues?

  • brettm

    Ever since Logic Pro 10 I have been having numerous problems with plug ins, crashes and hangs. Gone are the days of Logic being rock solid. I remember back in the Emagic days how solid this DAW was. Let alone the CLAB days when I could leave Notator running for months with numerous projects and no crashes. RIP Logic as robust software. I guess moving it towards the hobbyist market means adding more features and sacrificing stability. I’d rather have stability frankly.

    • polygooner

      Are you mixing 32 bit plugins and 64, through various adapters? Because that was the only reason I ever had problems with Logic X. Now that I have abandoned them, it is solid as it ever was in the emagic days. Or maybe you are on an old OS?

      • brettm

        MacOS 10.10.2, Logic 10.1.1, only 64 bit plugins all recent never had older plugins installed. multiple sporadic issues with Logic, alas. the more features they add the more the code will deteriorate. we dont need more features thanks. would rather have the code be solid and reliable. pro tools, here I come?

        • polygooner

          Well, all I can say is that I am running exactly the same system, and it runs without issue. When I moved to Yosemite I bought a new SSD so installed a fresh system. Maybe that is the difference?

          • AlwaysSmileintheSun

            Nothing but bugs for me. Really sad. Can’t even type a number value into a midi operation without it going beach ball and dying. This latest version is virtually unusable. I’m on an all 64bit system with SSD on the latest iMac Retina. Also noticed it doesn’t seem to have tempo operations anymore either? What the hell is going on over at Apple?!

          • polygooner

            I don’t know. That sounds impossible to live with. I have the latest Logic on Macbook Retina with Mavericks, and Mac Pro with 10.10.2, both functioning without issue. I tried typing a number value into a midi field, and it was fine. The reason i mentioned if you updated your OS from one to another is that I had nothing but problems when I did that. But with fresh installs, starting from a new OS, it has run smoothly. Something is up with your system, but I have no idea what. Maybe try booting off an external clean install and see what happens, or make a new user account.

          • AlwaysSmileintheSun

            Interesting. Well it’s good to hear not everyone is experiencing what I am. My story is on a brand new Mac with nothing else installed. The comment I made on the absence of tempo operations *could be because I didn’t check the “advanced operations” box? Didn’t know there was one until watching a YouTube video a couple days ago. I’m in the middle of a massive project so have since reverted back to an older version on my other computer until I finish.
            The activity of this string is promising with some knowledgable down to earth people. Hopefully it or you guys will be around in a couple of weeks when I go back to trying to get my new system up and running!
            Cheers for the comments!

          • “Also noticed it doesn’t seem to have tempo operations anymore either” – what do you mean?

  • Merlin

    I would prefer to fix the problems inside the engine of LOGIC X. Some null tests shows that the engine is really problematic. Ableton and Cubase are already up in the frontiers for 2-3 years. Fix the problems there, put 32 bit float, create a faster work-flow and for god shake put auto time stretch while importing audio in the preview area ( audio bin ).

    • polygooner

      What is problematic about the engine?

  • squirrel squirrel squirrel

    Is there any way to remove that annoying “New Sounds Available” notification that always shows up?

    • The only way I can think of is to download them…


  • Fazil sha

    is it any body facing issue in Logic pro X 10.1.1 using elastik 2.0.4 when i installed. In audio units it’s showing like Couldn’t open..wen i go to logic 9 it is working fine … does any body have d issue . ..i am using Yosemite 10.10.2

    • You mean Ueberschall Elastik Player? Sounds to me like you’re running an old version.

      • Fazil sha

        No..but uberschall elastik player 2.6.4 also not supporting in logic pro x it is showing the same problem couldn’t open. but it is opening in logic 9 .. With out any issues .

        • That’s strange… Elastik Player 2.6.4 opens fine over here in Logic Pro X. Had to validate it manually though in the Plug-in Manager.

          • Fazil sha

            I did tat to… It’s getting crush .. I did clean installation to den also same problem..

          • Advay

            Facing same problem, 2.6.4 crashed validation, 2.0.4 could not be opened in Plug-in Manager. Any solutions?

  • Fazil sha

    One of the bad issue is flex pitch in 10.1.1. In 10.0.7 in arrange window it self we can fix d pitch ..like select all double click ur done ..but now it’s not working..we should go inside d track and should do it.. Another issue those grid section once we set to . snap to automation .snap to grid.. At tat time its getting save after closing d project again we open .. Boom again its show d same default setting.. Again we should go an set them manually… Don no Wen apple gonna fix this issues and all..

  • Paul Schaefer

    hey everyone, I can’t seem to get the update. I’m on 10.6. Appstore says no updates available, and nothing in download center. Any suggestions on how to get the udatee? sorry for the rookie questions…

    • Have you tried signing out and in again?

      • Paul Schaefer

        just tried that, still says no updates available. whats odd is a friend shared a session with me using 10.1.1. when I open the file Logic even tells me that session was made on a newer version.

        • Did you purchase it with another ID perhaps, or did you rename the app?

          • Paul Schaefer

            yes, I bought a used iMac with this and other programs on it. So far no issues with updates. What’s odd is that with my account info I was able to get the sound libraries and one update (10.0.6) with no issue. Also been able to get my Final Cut Pro updates with no issues. Is there any other way to try and get the 10.1.1 update? Appreciate you helping me try to resolve the issue.

          • If Logic Pro X does show up in the App Store application when you’re logged in with your own Apple ID, you could try trashing Logic Pro X on your iMac (drag the icon from the Applications folder to the trash), then restart the App Store application and go to ‘Purchases’. This should let you reinstall LPX. I just tested, it works without emptying the trash. Hope that helps, otherwise have a look at Mac App Store support here: http://www.apple.com/support/mac/app-store/contact/

  • lokesh

    Elastik Player 2.6.4 is not opening in logic x and it opens normally in logic 9

  • Marc Akiyama

    why won’t “export audio to movie” work in logic anymore? I’m on 10.1.1 and haven’t used it in a few months but it used to work and with the new update it doesn’t seem to work, I keep getting “Could not export Logic Pro X audio” I read that it used to only work in the 32 bit mode, but then I also read that the new Logic Pro X only runs as 64 bit now.

    • Doug Zangar

      It works fine here – I am using it daily. Note the export is now selection based like audio bounces – perhaps you are a victim of an unwanted selection? What is “not working”?

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