Free Plugin – ClipMax Audio Clipper

chokehold clipmax audio clipper

Clipmax is a free AU plugin made by Chokehold, and is a hard/brickwall audio clipper.

With a Pre Gain, a Ceiling and a Post Gain knob, Clipmax is simple to use. The SOF switch will activate Soff (soft) mode. AGC will calculate against Pre Gain instead of Ceiling, and the RUF switch will put Clipmax into Ruff (rough) mode: this will add a “ceiling before the ceiling”.

More info, download:


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  • Van Haze

    Great, thanx for this tip !

  • Van Haze

    Ok, just installed it and Audio Unit version doesn’t validate in Logic Pro X 10.1, will try to contact developer.

  • cosmicfish

    The installer does seem to be problematic, however I got around it in Finder by option dragging the AU component file directly to my components folder. Logic had no problem after that.

    • chokehold

      How is the installer problematic?

      • cosmicfish

        Hi chokehold, the user os x authorization window didn’t make it forward in front of safari to validate the change to my components folder. I realized this after I used my work around and after I posted. The open authorization window still sitting there waiting for me after I closed safari:/
        Problematic was probably not the correct word to use, but if it’s any constellation I like the plug-in. It has its own sound;)

  • chokehold

    I know about the AU validation issue, an update is already out that fixes it. You should have no more trouble getting it to run in Logic. πŸ™‚

    • That’s great, thanks Chokehold!

  • Mike Zorzan

    Thanks for this, loving it so far. Quick question. Went to share a bounced file (my first recording using clipmax) and with all the settings the same, MP3 format. etc. It won’t let me send the file now? But others work, that don’t have Clipmax? (sharing via Facebook, if this matters).

    • chokehold

      I can assure you that Clipmax only affects the sound, it has no effect on whether or not you can send rendered files around the world. I don’t know what’s causing the issue you’re experiencing, but it’s not the fact that you rendered something using Clipmax. πŸ˜‰

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