Logic Pro X 10.1 Update Explained – Out Now

logic pro x update explained groove3

Groove3 have just released a new video tutorial series made by Eli Krantzberg that covers all new features in Logic Pro X 10.1 in-depth. 2 video tutorials are free to watch.

Logic Pro X 10.1 Update Explained

Overview – Drummer

After a quick overview of all the new features and updates to be found in 10.1, Eli first covers all the drum-related changes. These include new Drummers for the Drummer virtual instrument, and the new Drum Machine Designer.

Note Repeat, Spot Erase, Piano Roll

From there, Eli covers Note Repeat (including MIDI and Key Remote Control of Note Repeat), Spot Erase, the new Brush Tool, and new Piano Roll behavior.

Relative/Trim Automation

The new automation features in Logic Pro X 10.1 are shown in-depth, including the new Region Automation, Relative Automation, Trim Automation, and more.

Mixer Updates, VCA Groups

Updates to Logic Pro X’s Mixer are next, explaining the new Channel Strip Components, VCA Groups, Meter Enhancements, and the relationship between Track Stacks and the Mixer.

Effects, Compressor, Plugin Manager

Next, you’ll get a complete rundown of all the enhancements to Logic Pro X’s world class Effects, including updates to Compressor and Retro Synth, new sounds, workflow improvements, and the new plugin Manager.

Smart Quantize and more

Finally, Eli covers productivity enhancements to Logic Pro X’s Smart Quantize, Markers, Fades, Flex, and general workflow and file management improvements.

Logic Pro X 10.1 Update Explained (29 tutorials – nearly 2 hours runtime) costs $25.

Go here to purchase, download and watch offline anytime, or watch “Mixer Metering Enhancements” and “Smart Quantize” for free.

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  • Van Haze

    This guy rocks !
    IMHO best Logic Pro X vid tutor there is.
    Explaining thinks at the right pace, pleasant voice over etc.
    I learned alot from Eli’s outstanding Logic tutorials on Groove3.

    • Eli Krantzberg

      Hey Van Haze, thanks! I have to say, I had a ball doing these 10.1 update videos. It harkens back, IMHO, to the good ‘ole Emagic days when the developers gave you great stimulating tools to work with. Your imagination was sparked, and your creativity cut loose! 🙂 There’s so much stimulating stuff going on with some of these new features!

      • Van Haze

        Hi Eli, i totally feel you !

        To be honest, i had left Logic Pro X cause the development seemed “dead” to me and too many bugs, so hopped over to Reaper.
        But i was anxious to try out the new 10.1 update and it blew my mind. Again, thank you for your great Logic Pro vids, if i recall correct, i followed your Logic tuts from version 8 on.
        Extremely helpful stuff !



  • EdgarRothermich

    Great video Eli. I really like your on-the-point presentation. I watched it yesterday and it proved again one of the most important facts about Logic:
    “No matter how well you think you know Logic, you will always learn and discover something new”.

    • Eli Krantzberg

      Hey Edgar, thanks! I’ve gotta be completely honest; your 10.1 update manual was a tremendous help to me as I was putting these videos together. Seriously, thank you for making it available not only to me, but the whole Logic community!

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