GoodHertz Audio Plugins Updated – Including Faraday Limiter

free limiter plugin faraday goodhertz

Indy plugin developer Goodhertz have updated their range of plugins to version 1.1.3 – that includes the free Faraday Limiter plugin we wrote about earlier.

With the new version of Faraday Limiter, you now get more low end control with the brand new Sidechain High-Pass Filter, see image:

goodhertz faraday limiter hpf filter

From the updated online manual:

Sidechain HPF controls a high pass filter (HPF) for the limiter’s detector signal only. The Sidechain HPF is useful for controlling how the limiter reacts to low end and bass frequencies. At higher frequencies, like 250Hz, more low end will be removed from the sidechain signal, which in turn means the that the low end will undergo less limiting/compression.

This can be useful if you want to allow the low end to “breathe” or if you want to avoid triggering the limiter with a bass instrument (kick drum, bass synth/guitar, etc). Conversely, if you want the limiter to pump with a kick drum or low end instrument, leave the Sidechain HPF at 20Hz.

To download, go here. You’ll need to register for a Goodhertz account to use the plugins.

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