Layering Drum Loops with Filters – Quick Tip

layering loops with filters sonnox

Spotlight on Sonnox and Rich Tozzoli for this quick tip: when layering drum loops to build the foundation of your track, using low- pass and high-pass filters can be a simple yet effective method to quickly make a smooth blend of audio loops.

Just Filters – No EQ

In the video, audio engineer Rich Tozzoli uses 4 different drum loops and blends them together in Pro Tools using the Oxford EQ’s low-pass and high-pass filters. Just the filters, no EQ. Lastly, he blends in a synth loop using the same technique. Try this out next time you’re starting a new project – Logic Pro comes with too many loops to try this on. Great for sparking your creativity.


layering loops with filters sonnox

(via Pro Tools Expert)

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