Roland Juno 106 Samples – Free Kontakt Instrument

free roland juno 106 samples kontakt 5

For their first release, Particle Sound has put nearly 500Mb of samples taken from the classic Roland Juno 106 in a free instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

The first release in the Carbon series, JNO I consists of 477mb of lovingly sampled sounds from the Roland Juno 106 arranged into 30 fully tagged .nki based presets. In addition to the standard sampled raw waveforms these include full original sounds that offer such features as filter sweeps, modulation and release samples to accurately capture the unique qualities of the original instrument.

JNO I Features

  • 477MB of 24-bit samples from the Roland Juno 106.
  • Includes fully sampled patches as well as individual waveforms and noise.
  • Intuitive dual layer interface with individually linkable sections.
  • Each layer offers mixable noise and start point modulation with a choice of 6 sampled waves and/or multi-samples.
  • 1 AHDSR, 1 ADSR, 1 AR and 2 LFOs.
  • Selectable Low-Pass, High-Pass, or Notch filters and an assignable controller section.
  • Global sample shift and scaling accuracy sliders.
  • Global FX section with up to 6 simultaneous effects.


  • 482mb of free hard drive space
  • Full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt or later

To download, create a new account on the Particle Sound website.

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