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Free Audio Samples, Free Loops, Free Stems at Rubber Tracks

Free Audio Samples

Via Production Expert: The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a growing collection of free audio samples, loops and stems recorded at Rubber Tracks studios, a community-based professional recording studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Free Audio Samples

Free Audio Samples, Free Loops, Free Stems

The sample library is free to use, all audio samples are completely royalty free (see FAQ). Currently the site offers over 11000 audio samples, with a total of 10 days, 3 minutes, and 58 seconds of high-quality audio. And counting.

Free Stems and Loops

Free Audio Samples, Free Loops, Free Stems

One shot samples, stems and loops from Rubber Tracks studio sessions can be individually downloaded, making the website a great resource for those looking to improve their mixing skills. Each session has a unique page, providing information about the session’s recording date, recording and mixing engineers, instruments used, key, chords, BPM or tempo.

Download & Signing Up

To be able to download the files, An Indaba Music account is required. By signing up for either Indaba Music or the sample library you can automatically log in to both.

More info:

Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library

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  • gregory

    please tell me step by step how to download free audio sample.
    thank you

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