Logic Pro X Themes – What Happened After 10.1?

logic pro x theme logic pro 9

When Logic Pro X 10.1 was released, the update seemed to have broken many, if not all, of the GUI hacks out there. The modding community seems to have recovered quickly though, with updated skins for version 10.1, both retina and non-retina, both free and paid.


First things first. If you’re new to changing Logic Pro X’s GUI, make a backup. The safest way to do this, is to control-click the Logic Pro X icon in your Applications folder, and choose “Compress Logic Pro X”. Then carefully read these installation instructions.


Note they write that most mods nowadays can be installed by replacing some content of the Resources folder mentioned, not by replacing the folder. We’ve written about changing Logic Pro X’s looks before, note that the Logic Pro X Theme Switcher mentioned in it has not been updated yet to work with version 10.0.7.

Logic Pro X 10.1 Themes – Freebies

fcasoria has some free themes for Logic Pro X 10.1 on his website.

Mona Lisa (click for larger image):

logic pro x theme mona lisa


logic pro x theme titan

Custom Grey Light (not a heavy mod, see here):

logic pro x theme custom grey light

Logic Pro X 10.1 Themes – Paid

Matthew (on Gearslutz here) at the Logic Pro X Themes website has updated many paid themes to version 10.1. Updates to 10.1 are free, first buyers pay 10 or 15 Euros for a theme. Payment is done by donating the correct amount.

Make Logic Pro X look like Logic Pro 9:

logic pro x theme logic pro 9

The Moog Pro X Theme:

logic pro x moog theme

I like the Custom Grey Light theme myself. Would you want to change Logic Pro’s looks?

Backup. Always.

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  • BlueField

    I know …. I know … it is one of the most populated threads on the internet about Logic …. but seriously …. do these ‘lipstickers’ actually produce any music or just play with software? These are the same people waiting for the release of Mac OS Copland.

  • John Henry

    I like my logic Raw and Uncut! I prefer the natural look. But I do prefer to use 3rd party plugins.

  • BlueField

    John Henry … I’m going to admit that I am a preset guy . I do some tweeking with Omnisphere and Zebra , which are GREAT for my work . But Logic X has thousands of presets . This new release has some VERY creative/musical ones. Be sure to check them out. SynthFX and Experimental and a lot more.
    Logic’s built in instruments are very powerful ….. you just need to know how to put the pieces together.

    • John Henry

      Well I did check out the new drummer add on’s for hip hop, and electronic music. I must say that I was quite impressed. I loved the new way you can tweak the electronic drum kits too. I will be using this new drummer. At the very least, I could use it to pad my own original drum patterns in the same way I would use a sampled loop.

      In the same note, I also liked the drum designer, it was easy to use, and straight forward. No complaints here.

      I like using 3rd party plugs because they are cross system compatible. When I need to switch to protools, I can still use tools that I am familiar with. But I agree, logic’s built in instruments are very powerful. Overall logic is an impressive music production package. I highly recommend it, especially for the price.

      • CourtneyrrR

        I use logic and love it for its friendly interface.

        • John Henry

          You are not alone Courtney!

          • CourtneyrrR

            I finally figured out how to use the esx24sampler . lol I don’t sample a lot but play but boy I was like , FINALLLLLYY!!!!!!! Actually its pretty cool. Hit that edit button ,drag that sample, throw it in groups, change the maxi. Pretty cool stuff.

          • John Henry


            Yes, I’ve actually made some pretty cool sounds with the Esx24, by tweaking the sample loop start and stop points. The it always has the synth controls, which I really appreciate.

            The built in sounds are also great stuff. It has all kinds of kicks, and snare to work with.

          • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

            That’s great.

          • CourtneyrrR

            You know, I dislike making the sounds ,I want them done already.lol. Seriously, so use to the mpc but with my trigger with the pads and finally understanding the sampler with logic, its like using the mpc pads on the trigger.Along with the note repeat on my trigger and arp button it makes it very interesting.
            Oh layering those kicks and snares. lol

          • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

            That is great news too. I know how you you love to create sounds and so forth. Keep on doing your thing. πŸ™‚

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