Reorganizing Plugins in Logic Pro X 10.1 – Testing 123

logic pro x 10_1

I’ve taken a first look at Logic Pro X 10.1‘s new plugin reorganization capabilities, one of many cool new features. If you haven’t updated to version 10.1 or haven’t tried this feature yet, have a peek to get a sense of how this goes.

Reorganizing Plugins in Logic Pro X 10.1

For good measure, here’s a screenshot of the Audio FX menu in 10.0.7 (I’m still running it on my main machine):

audio unit manager 1

The same, in 10.1:

audio unit manager 2

Nothing new to see here, until you start reorganizing plugins in the Plug-in Manager. After firing up the Plug-in Manager, I’ve (randomly) chosen to browse by Manufacturer (Waves), and searched for ‘delay’ by using the search box.

Side note: Waves’ SuperTap delay plugins did not show up this way. I sense this is where Auganizer can be useful, but I need to test this still. See the end of this article.

plugin manager 3

Below, I selected and dragged the delay plugins to the Delay folder. I’ve also removed Logic Pro’s Tape Delay plugin, just to show I now can:

plugin manager 4

Below, the updated plugin menu, after clicking ‘Done’. Note the new Logic folder at the bottom…

plugin manager 5

… which handily contains the default plugin menu structure, and makes the whole plugin reorganization process non-destructive:

plugin manager 6

Reorganizing Plugins in Logic Pro X 10.1 – Conclusion

I think reorganizing plugins in 10.1 is pretty straightforward, and it feels fail-safe (there’s also a ‘Restore Factory’ button). Folders (‘Categories’) can be added and removed. ‘Transient Shaping’ could be a nice new folder name, given the wide variety of plugins for that. Folders can be renamed, though plugins cannot. Plugins can be moved by dragging, and they can be copied while pressing .

And lastly, folders cannot be nested.

Update: big thanks to Joe Thibodeau for catching this (see the comments):

You can do nested folders. You have to name them with a : like this:

Dynamics:compressors, or Dynamics:Limiters

Which brings us to Auganizer…

Did Apple just kill that app?

Nope, I don’t think so, as Auganizer works with other hosts as well. Those with Multiple DAW Syndrome will surely still appreciate it. But I haven’t used Auganizer together with Logic Pro X 10.1 yet, this is as far as my 10.1 plugin reorganization adventures have gone sofar. More testing on the way, more new features to discover…

These are exciting times!

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  • BlueField

    Being able to re-organize our plug-ins is great . …. BUT … I still do not care for the drop down ‘cascading’ menu access. … and the 9 point text makes it even more frustrating.

    • Yes, some kind of Spotlight feature would be nice perhaps. You’re aware that you can navigate the plugin menu by keyboard though?

      After bringing up the menu, you could do something like:

      AU → W → H and hit Enter for Waves’ H-Comp plugin for example.

      Not the ultimate fix, maybe it helps.


  • Joe Thibodeau

    You can do nested folders….

    You have to name them with a : like this


    • Thanks much Joe!

      I’ll update the post!

  • Petri Hoskonen

    If you’re annoyed of plugin menus, you can always do ‘fake’ bus, set it to no output if you want and add all your favorite/most used plugins there, and when you need them, just drag and drop w/ option pressed down and you very quickly copy your plugins around mixer.

  • Petar Petkov

    I got that strange problem. Waves plugins didn’t show whit original names but with some strange alphabetical letters. Also for Izotope. In Logic Pro everything was perfect but in Logic Pro X is very strange. Any ideas

    • That’s strange. Is English your primary language in OS X?

      • Petar Petkov

        Yes sir. Everything work fine under logic pro 9

        • I’ve never had this problem, Googled around a bit… Try these steps, and see if there are any changes after each one by launching Logic Pro X again:

          – repair Disk Permissions with Disk Utility.

          – In Finder, navigate to ~/Library/Caches/ and trash the AudioUnitCache directory.

          See if that helps. If not, try this link:

          • Petar Petkov

            YOR ARE THE MAN…THE BOMB!!! i was trying to fix this over a few weeks.Thank you very much.

          • Glad we got that out of the way. Well done!

  • I tried this today (with both Waves and Native Instrument AU plug-ins), and now the Waves plug-ins are totally gone from the Instruments menu (the NI plug-ins worked fine). I still haven’t figured out how to recover the Waves plug-ins.

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