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logic pro x 10_1

Logic Pro X 10.1 has a few new Key Commands, here’s what I have found out about them sofar.

Toggle Vertical Auto Zoom

Suppose your arrangement looks something like this:

logic pro x new key commands 1

You can now use the new Vertical Auto Zoom button, to maximize track height while keeping all tracks visible:

logic pro x new key commands 2

The result:

logic pro x new key commands 4

There’s a new Key Command for that, but you’ll have to assign it yourself in the Key Commands Editor. I thought made sense and is memorable.

logic pro x new key commands 3

Repeat Regions/Events

From the Release Notes:

The Repeat Regions/Events key command now duplicates the currently selected region or event without opening a dialog window (the previous behavior for this command is accessed with the new key command Repeat Regions/Events Multiple Times)

So, R now simply repeats regions and events, no questions asked. If you want the previous behaviour back, you’ll have to assign a Key Command to the new function called ‘Repeat Regions/Events Multiple Times’:

logic pro x key commands 5

R was the only free command with ‘R’ I could find. The new function is in the ‘Edit’ menu, should you prefer that method:

logic pro x new key commands 6

Toggle the Flex or Follow Tempo Region parameter

Here’s an Apple Loop, with ‘Follow Tempo & Pitch’ enabled in the Region Inspector:

logic pro x new key commands 7

If you change the project’s Tempo, the loop will obey as expected. In 10.1, you can now toggle ‘Follow Tempo & Pitch’ with F. Turn it off, and the Apple Loop will keep playing at the original Tempo. To illustrate, I’ve set the project’s Tempo to 60 BPM:

logic pro x new key commands 8

The same loop, with Flex shown and enabled:

logic pro x new key commands 9

The same Key Command – F – now toggles Flex on and off for the region (not the Track).

Toggle the Musical Grid

There’s now a new Key Command to toggle the Musical Grid between bars and beats, and SMPTE time. This new Key Command too is unassigned by default. How about G?

logic pro x new key commands 12

Bars & Beats:

logic pro x new key commands 10

SMPTE time:

logic pro x new key commands 11

That’s it for now…This should make sifting through the Release Notes a little easier. If you spot anything awkward, found something yourself, comment!

Logic Pro X 10.1 is still young.


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  • dookerj

    Great writeup! Keep up the good work! It’s exciting to see these great changes in Logic, keeping up with some of the more composing-centric sequencers out the (just as I was beginning to think about switching to Ableton, too)! I hope they keep the updates coming.

  • Liquidreasoning

    loved it

  • Van Haze

    Still no Keycommand for action “Create Empty Midi Region” … Boooh Apple !!

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