Logic Pro X 10.1 Is Out Now

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Logic Pro X 10.1 is on the streets!

Logic Pro X 10.1 Highlights

– 10 new Drummers that produce beats in a variety of electronic and hip hop styles including Techno, House, Trap, Dubstep and more
– New Drum Machine Designer plug-in
– Redesigned Compressor plug-in features scalable, Retina-ready interface and 7 models including the new Classic VCA
– Retro Synth can now create wavetables from imported audio
– Automation can now be part of a region
– Plug-in Manager now allows you to customize the organization of your menu
– When editing logic pro x key commands, Logic now correctly warns for all conflicts with an entered key command


Top of the iceberg though, much more good stuff, see the full Logic Pro X 10.1 Release Notes here:

Logic Pro X 10.1 Release Notes

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  • BlueField

    10.0.7 still show’n in the APP Store … Tap tap tap

  • VHS

    I just wished they would have improved the metering (the channels/meters are so petite and barely readable). However, nice additions. Even nicer for free. Haven’t had time to dig in to everything yet but the VCA faders, automation changes and plugin manager are most welcomed for sure. They even managed to improve waveform drawing while recording. I can’t remember if that one was documented in the release notes or not.

    So far, so good.

  • VCA implementation is odd; the sub faders don’t move … otherwise, the compressor is very nice indeed.

  • GCLJ

    Please remember that to download 10.1 you will need to be running Yosemite!!!!
    So factor in some time for backing up, lengthy download times and inevitable trouble shooting before you start checking out the new bells and whistles.

    • I’m actually still on mavericks and it installed fine

    • Tammo Heikens

      It works with Mavericks, but with Yosemite you will get some extra features like Airdop

      • That’s good to know, thank you.

  • lrb

    they just “poo poo’d” on the competition. This coming from a ProTools 11 & Reason 8 user. I’m so glad I purchased Logic. This and Reason 8 (using Reason 8 a little less now) is all I’ll need. I can close my eyes on the waves emulations and native instrument options…. for the time being.

  • Velanche

    What would be really nice with each update…is either documentation or video tutorials or both on the added features from the get-go. Even going to the Help menu doesn’t help, and the manual is still from last year. Really a minor sore spot in the grand scheme of things, but such steps would be great time savers, plus they would be assurances that the new features added are used correctly and completely.

    • Yes!

      Even though the Channel EQ can now be inserted with a single click, according to Quick Help, it’s still a double click.

    • Velanche, see here:


      It’s the same content you get now when pressing ⌘/ while working in Logic Pro.


      • Velanche

        Hey thanks, sir; will check it soon!

  • Tammo Heikens

    There is one problem I encountered so far with this update: it is not compatible with EuCon controllers from the Artist series. Like Artist Mix and Artist Control.
    When I start up Logic 10.1 without the EuCon all is fine, also EuCon in combination with Logic 10.0.7 works fine.

    • Babar

      Hey Tammo, I use it with artis mix and haven’t encountered any problems yet.. What exactly are the problems you are experiencing? How is it not compatible? Thanks!

      • Tammo Heikens

        When I startup Logic it freezes and EuControl freezes as well.
        I see the arrange window but with the multicoloured ball spinning and nothing responding.
        When I startup Logic without EuCon there is no problem and when I use EuControl with other applications like Pro Tools and Logic 9 there also is no problem.
        Only when I use EuCon in combination with Logic 10.1 both apps freeze and when I look in the Force Quit window both are in red and mention “not responding’
        Then when I force quit Logic, EuControl is okay again.
        I use both Artist Control and Artist Mix together. But the problem also occurs when I use either one of them.
        I am on Mavericks 10.9.5. what is your OSX?

        • Babar

          Sorry to hear that, guess I’m lucky. I’m having no issues whatsoever. I’m also on Mavericks 10.9.5 and EuControl 3.2.1. On a Mac Mini(2012) QuadCore i7 2.3 GHz. Will let you know if I too run into any issues. And please post here if you find a fix, could be good to know..

    • Kjetil Arvesen Nesheim

      Same problem on my system. Irritating for sure.. I’m on last OS with 3.21 software. Installing lower version of EuCon Logic says not supported software. I guess it’s Apple’s fault so I hope they fix it soon.

      • Kjetil Arvesen Nesheim

        I found a fix, go into user/library/ preference and delete com.apple.logic10.plist. Restart the computer. Then the Artist mix will work. Going into Logic do not adjust Project handling , that is the problem. Leave it to open most recent.

  • Opening a couple of older projects last night I noticed what, at first, I thought to be different kit piece mappings in Steven Slate Drums v.4 (latest update) for a MIDI drum track. For instance, in one project I’m hearing open hats where originally it was only a semi open hit (MIDI note A#1). I’m also hearing the ‘snare rolls’ sound fairly loudly whereas before they were barely discernible. (Midi note A0).

    Like I said, I at first thought somehow my mappings had somehow gotten twisted. Then, on a whim I restored Logic version 10.0.7 from Time Machine and loaded the exact same project. Boom, everything is back to how it originally was!

    So then I load it in version 10.1 – Boom, it’s sounding wrong again LOL!!

    I made audio clips of each – the difference is pretty clear. They are included in a post on another Logic site – http://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=113546

    I’m far from a MIDI expert so I am hoping that there is a new setting or something in 10.1 that I’m somehow missing. Any ideas?

  • Thomas Johansson

    Hello, after the update I couldn’t find the mellotrons….infact all of my additional content is missing, theres nothing to download at all…. any ideas?
    I’ve got the same issue with MainStage 3 , no additional content.

    • Have you tried deleting your preference file(s)?

      See here, no. 10:


      • Thomas Johansson

        No I haven’t tried anything yet but I’ll give it a try….thanks

      • Thomas Johansson

        Tried deleting the preferences but still no additional content..

        • What happens when you click this?

          • Thomas Johansson

            It looks like this…..empty…?

          • What language have you set your OS to?

          • Thomas Johansson


          • The Additional Content window in Logic Pro X should not be empty, try setting the language of your OS to English. See here:


          • Thomas Johansson

            thank you danski , that was the problem….solved

          • Excellent Thomas 🙂

  • Kjetil Arvesen Nesheim

    I’m kind of surprised by all the small iritating bug in this release. Apple get a grip…

  • No more Mountain Lion support……..

  • fransmo

    Hi! I have Logic 10.07 and want to update to 10.1, but can´t find out how or where?
    anyone help??? ( OS 10.8.5) / fransmo

    • rgb

      You have to upgrade to OS 10.9. If you are signed in to the App store with the correct account you won’t be charged.

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