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We got this question on the Logic Pro Expert Facebook page recently:

Is there any way to revert back to the old Logic Pro 9 backup system vs the Project Alternatives feature in Logic Pro X?

It’s a bit convoluted, but here’s what you need to do:

• Control click on the project file and choose the Show Package Contents item.

• You will then view three main folders (four or more if your media is saved in the new “package” format versus the older “folder” format).

• The three folders are called Alternatives, Contents, and Resources.

• Open the Alternatives folder. Since Project Alternatives aren’t being used, there will only be a single folder inside, called 000.

• Open the 000 folder. It will look like this:

project alternatives 1

• Open up the sub folder called Project File Backups. There you will see sub folders for each of the automatically created backup files. As per old Logic 9, there are up to ten automatically generated backup projects. Make sure to show the “Date Modified” column, so as to determine the order they were created in. It will look like this:

project alternatives 2

• Go into the desired Project Backup file subfolder and copy the file inside it called ProjectData.

project alternatives 3

• Replace the ProjectData file that is at the root level of the 000 alternative folder with the version of the ProjectData file from the desired backup folder.

project alternatives 4

That should do it. As always, operate on a copy of your project file!

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