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free plugin sinevibes turbo

Until December 18th, Sinevibes are offering Turbo as a free download.

Turbo is a wave transformer that lets you create unique, complex new sounds out of most basic waveforms such as saw, triangle and square waveforms. Turbo takes the input signal and directly bends its shape using one of its eight sine-based transfer functions, enriching the spectral content with new harmonics.

Sinevibes Turbo Features

  • Chaos generator – produces two correlated, never-repeating waveforms for random yet smooth parameter modulation.
  • Input low-pass filter – serves to remove high- and -mid frequency spectral components before the signal enters the wave transformer stage.
  • Low-frequency oscillator – continuously runs in sync with the host transport. Eight different waveforms are available with variable rate and lag (smoothing). Each LFO cycle can also be randomised.
  • Wave transformer – reshapes the input signal according to one of the eight available models. It adds a vast amount of new harmonics.
  • Output multi-mode filter – shapes the final spectrum, adjusts the dry/ wet signal balance and overall output level.Three filter types can be selected: low-pass, band-pass and high-pass.

OS X 10.6+, 32/64-bits AU.

See here:

Sinevibes Turbo

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