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free limiter plugin faraday goodhertz

This great find comes from Eli Krantzberg: Faraday Limiter is a free limiter plugin developed by audio software company Goodhertz that features “the sound of iron: colorful dynamics with warm, tape-like saturations.”

Hear it at work:

free limiter plugin faraday limiter

Faraday Limiter Features

  • Big, analog-modeled transformer sound
  • “Color” and “Warmth” controls for extended timbral shaping
  • Advanced stereo linking: variable L/R or M/S linking
  • Adjustable ratio: [2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 20:1]
  • Gain reduction history meter

Named after the inventor of the electrical transformer, Faraday Limiter’s analog-modeled input/output transformers are responsible for its beefy, harmonically-rich sound. The limiter circuit is smooth yet lively — it can pump faster and further than any limiter we’ve ever heard while retaining its characteristic punch and warmth. Faraday Limiter sounds great on buses, individual instruments, vocals, dialog, etc. and allows for a level of timbral shaping and tonal coloration that can’t be achieved with any other dynamics processor.

OS X 10.7+, 64-bit AU only. New formats coming soon.

Requires registration. Installer comes with more Goodhertz products you can try, you get a 15 day free trial for each one.

More info, download, manual:

Goodhertz Faraday Limiter

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