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We got this question on our Facebook Page recently:

Let’s say I record a Cello line, then I want to record a Violin line on top of it with a different track. I want to be able to see the cello line play back in the Score Editor so I know what notes to harmonize with. Every time I try this the Cello line disappears and only shows the score of the track I’m working on (violin). Any thoughts? Suggestions? Help?

It’s possible to view one (or more) existing parts in Logic Pro’s Score Editor while recording a new part. The advantage to this is that you can see what was previously recorded and use that as a guide to record a new part.

The key item to make this work is to disable the link button in the Score Editor after you have it showing what part or parts you’d like to view while recording. It typically defaults to the yellow color, which is Content mode. A single click should turn it off and the chain icon will be grey. I generally prefer to do this in Linear view and my example is of that. However, this technique works in Wrapped and Page view as well.

score editor link mode disabled

Once you have set your view and disabled the content link button, select your new track and hit record. One of three views will happen now, depending on how you have your Score Set menu filter set. You can view the default All Instruments, you can use the filter to view a single instrument, or you can choose a specific Score Set that you have created. My example above is the Single Instrument view, so there is only one track in the Score Editor. The other views will show you as many tracks as are in the Score Set.

While you can set this view in the Score Editor inspector pop up menu, a quick way to toggle between any single instrument and all instruments of the selected Score Set is by double clicking in the staff (avoid clicking on a note) for the single instrument view and double clicking outside the staff for the all instrument view.

score editor filter all instr
score editor filter instr 1

Lastly, you may want to view the Score Editor while recording an audio part. The trick is to not use the integrated Score Editor, but rather split your screen with a work area window for your audio and a stand-alone Score Editor window to read your part.

Now, go make some music!

Doug Zangar

Doug Zangar

A Logic Pro user since the late 80’s with its predecessor Notator, Doug has become an expert in Logic Pro and MainStage. He has been an Apple certified trainer since Logic 6, created and leads the Seattle Logic User Group, and has authored numerous video tutorial series on Logic Pro and MainStage as well as other DAWs and plug-ins.

Based in Seattle, he runs Apple certified trainings, teaches Logic Pro for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program Masters in Music degree and tutors individual users. His use of Logic Pro includes writing for film, commercials, web sites and working with singer/songwriters.
Doug Zangar

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  • AG75

    Great post Doug. Thank you!

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    Thank you!

  • Evan Roberts

    Thank you, great solution. i was wondering if you knew how to make the score show 2 bars ahead so as to avoid page just when the page starts?

  • Doug Zangar

    Welcome everyone, glad it may be useful. @ Evan, I’m not sure how you might do that. Could try both linear and page views – there may be a difference. If I have some time I’ll play around with it and post any useful tip I can come up with

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