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Get free Sound Effects, Loops, Music Tracks and more for seven days: Audioblocks – see them as iStockPhoto for Audio – are opening up their vault to give you access to more than 100.000 royalty-free stock audio files.

You get to download any audio files you want (up to 140 tracks during your 7 day trial), and use it in any type of project. The audio files are easy to browse and search, and downloadable as MP3 files or WAV’s:

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audioblocks browse audio files


– To start downloading, create an account at Audioblocks
– Enter your credit card details
You won’t be charged unless you keep your account past your 7-day free trial.
– You will not be billed anything during your free trial. However, if you do not cancel the trial, you will automatically be rolled on to the $49.00 per month plan.

Go here:

Audioblocks Trial

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