How To Delete CC Events in Logic Pro X

Deleting CC Events in Logic Pro X 3

I recently had a Logic Pro user ask about the ways to delete CC events (Continuous Controller) from one or more regions/tracks. I like using the MIDI Transform Window for this. Let me take you through the steps in this article. This should be easy even if you’ve never used the MIDI Transform Window before.

How To Delete CC Events in Logic Pro X

1) Select all regions in the tracks area you want to affect.

Deleting CC Events in Logic Pro X 1

2) Go to the Tracks Area menu bar’s Transform menu and select MIDI Transform > Fixed Velocity. The MIDI Transform Window will open up.

3) I changed the Mode menu to “Delete Selected Events”. Next, I left the Status Menu equal setting but changed “Note” to “Control”. I then went to the Data Byte 2 and changed “Fix” to “Thru”. The interface will change at this point to hide the lower area, which shows the Data Byte 2 information.

Deleting CC Events in Logic Pro X 2

4) Trusting that your regions are still selected in the tracks area, navigate to the bottom right corner and click on “Select and Operate” two times. The first time selects the CC information, the second time deletes the events. (note: in Logic Pro 9.1.8 “Select and Operate” is a one-click operation).

Deleting CC Events in Logic Pro X 3

MIDI Transform Window: Saving

If you think you’d like to save your new modified MIDI Transform Window for future use, go back up to the Presets menu and select “Create Initialized User Set” and select “Rename”. Rename to “CC Delete” or something else informative. You may see a number of extra boxes, etc. Go down to the lower left corner and make sure “Hide Unused Parameters” is checked. The Transform Preset menu will no longer show you the preset you modified, but you can find it in the Functions menu list.

Import Project Setting: Transform Sets

Lastly, these presets are project settings – they need to be imported into other projects by the user. You can use Logic Pro’s file import feature to do that. I’ve linked to an older post at that explains how to do this in Logic Pro 9, but the technique is basically valid with Logic Pro X as well. You’ll want the Import Project Setting function and select Transform Sets.

See here:

Logic Pro Import Data

Doug Zangar

Doug Zangar

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Doug Zangar

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