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Compression Secrets – A Great Read

compression secrets marc mozart

Mix engineer Marc Mozart put up another little gem on his blog, this time showing that (tube) compressors do so much more than just control the dynamics of a sound.

By using and automating Logic Pro X’s Test Oscillator, Marc feeds a simple (harmonics-free) sine wave at multiple pitches and multiple levels into a variety of popular compressor plugins. The result of the experiment turns out to be an excellent overview of which compression plugins add colour with harmonics, and where/when they do so.

Compression plugins used for the harmonics test:

– Fairchild 670
– Waves CLA-3A (a Universal Audio LA-3A clone)
– Waves CLA-2A (a Teletronix LA-2A clone)
– Waves CLA-76 (a Universal Audio/UREI 1176 clone)
– SSL Bus Compressor (Waves SSL bundle)
– SSL Channel Compressor (Waves SSL Bundle)
– Softube Summit TLA-100A

Lastly, Marc puts Logic Pro’s stock compressor to the test in Platinum mode. This is the only plugin in the test that doesn’t colour the signal at all, unless you change its mode to anything other than ‘Platinum’. I did not know that!

Kick-ass stuff.

Read the full article:

Compression Is Not What You Think It Is

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