Mixing Bass – Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”

mixing bass

This excellent article by Marc Mozart looks into Taylor Swift’s massive Billboard hit record “Shake It Off”, produced by Max Martin and Shellback, and mixed by Serban Ghenea.

By copy/pasting the drum loop from the song’s intro throughout the song and flipping its phase, and by using clever M/S techniques and frequency analysis, Marc shows how top-notch producers and engineers get the low end of a mix just right.

“Shake it Off” is a production with a very minimalistic instrumentation. A live drum loop, lead vocal, a few light percussion elements in the verse, and bass, hammond organ and stereo backing vocals in the chorus. A plate reverb on the lead vocals, an 1/8-note stereo echo with three repeats that blends into the plate and that’s it!

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Mixing Bass – “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

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