Logic Pro X Advanced Vol 2 Out Now

logic pro x advanced vol 2

Groove3 has just released Logic Pro X Advanced Vol. 2, a new series of video tutorials in which Apple Logic Certified Pro and Logic Pro Expert author Eli Krantzberg shows you everything you need to know about the Audio File Editor in Logic Pro X. 2 of these video tutorials are free to watch.

Logic Pro X Advanced Vol 2

Eli starts off by walking you through the various ways to open the Audio File Editor for faster, easier access. A detailed overview of the Audio File Editor is next, covering all of its tools and functions, including display modes and playback functions. Eli then demonstrates different navigation techniques, including key commands, that help you to work more efficiently in Logic Pro X.

Next, you’ll learn about selections, transient-based selections, and editing transients. Eli also demonstrates how to calculate a project’s tempo based on a selection, and how to conform a project to a given tempo.

Next, Eli show you how to use anchors as timing references by walking you through all of the many uses of anchors, including locking and unlocking them for complete control over your edits in the Audio File Editor.

Dialogue editing is covered next, where Eli demonstrates how to easily eliminate problems like mouth noises and plosives using the Audio File Editor. You’ll see how to gain precise control over elements in an audio file and even learn how to manually draw a waveform to correct problem areas.

You also learn about slipping sync, sample loop points, and region information, all of which are useful when embedding metadata that can be accessed by third-party sampled instruments as well as across multiple projects.

Lastly, Eli guides you through some unique effects that the Audio File editor offers, including reverse effects and phase inversion as well as trim, fade, and normalize.

Logic Pro X Advanced Vol 2 – Highlights

  • 17 Tutorials / 1hr 50min Total Runtime
  • For all intermediate to advanced Logic Pro X users
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
  • Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod

Logic Pro X Advanced Vol 2 costs $20,-

More info:

Logic Pro X Advanced Vol 2

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